Synopsis of 03×05: The team has to get rid of the flying hybrids, Jamie tries to prove her innocence, and Jackson meets one weird hybrid that knows his name. 

Last week Abigail planned to have her hybrids attack New York City and the team’s quick thinking, with a drone and the frequency she uses to call them, had them leading the birds down to Mexico. The plan? Drop the drone into an erupting volcano and hope the hybrids are dumb enough to follow it. Solid plan.

In the midst of the chaos Mansdale, the Shepherd that Jamie kept prisoner, got loose. Unfortunately for him he also chose to hide in a car that the team dropped into the volcano. There goes Jamie’s main hope of getting her name cleared the easy way. What is it with men connected to Jamie getting dropped out of planes? 

Mitch blackmailed Logan into letting him talk to Jamie, who turned around and appointed herself as her attorney and then proceeded to appoint Mitch as her co-counsel, because that’s a thing people can do apparently. No one was really happy with the situation but they rolled with it and Mitch led the investigation to clear Jamie’s name. 

Abe and Dariela finally filled Jackson in on the Isaac situation. When Dariela found out that Leanne had been killed, voiding their deal with Reiden, she had some serious regrets. Clem, kidnapped and now worthless thanks to the voided deal, told her kidnappers and they decided to call someone referred to as “the gentleman.” What could go wrong? 

Jackson, Abe, and Dariela followed a distress signal down to Mexico and found Tessa near a village that apparently hasn’t seen hybrids in years. Local legend says a witch keeps them away, so naturally Jackson and Tessa split from the team to go find the witch. We also learned that Jackson once had a son, a story he told in response to Tessa’s anger about not being able to have babies thanks to Jackson’s dad. 

On the plane, Abe and Dariela heard from Isaac, who reassured them that everything at Reiden was great and that they kid “candy for breakfast,” which despite how weird it sounds is significant later. They hatched another plan to get Isaac back, believing that if they could return whatever Clementine stole from Reiden, perhaps they could get their son back. 

Jackson and Tessa pretended to be someone named Mr. Duncan and it got them past the guards. They were let in to see Abendigos, a strange human-baboon-something hybrid that liked to say Jackson’s name over and over again. Meanwhile, Mitch and Logan worked together to read an encrypted e-mail that Leanne received, which would hopefully prove Jamie’s story. 

In order to read the e-mail they had to find Leanne’s body, remove a contact lens that was essentially a decoder ring, and unlock her tablet. The tablet was tricky because it was biolocked, so Mitch stuck her finger in his mouth to get it warm (as you do) and they managed to get the tablet open. It was Logan’s turn to put in the contact lens, which he did without sanitizing it, and found out that Reiden bought out a pharmaceutical company.

Abe confirmed that Clementine was pregnant and Dariela admitted that she knew and had Clementine’s kidnapped. He was not happy about it. 

Jackson and Tessa had their cover blown and were forced to go on the defensive when the guardians of the hybrid opened fire on them. Mitch and Logan confronted Jamie about what they had found on Leanne’s tablet and she admitted she had not killed her, but claimed she did so that they would be forced to investigate and she could get access to the file, since it would have to be released. 

Mitch, back on the plane, found out that Clementine had been abducted by Reiden and went on a mission to find her. Abigail, off in the woods somewhere with a bullet wound, collapsed and was dragged off by razorbacks who are probably friends of her’s because she’s the crazy hybrid lady. 

In a final confrontation between Abe and Dariela, she told him that once Isaac was safe she wanted a divorce and Abe did not protest. He did, however, share that he had been able to isolate some of Clementine’s child’s DNA and believed it to be key to solving humanity’s sterility problem. 

Somewhere in a creepy warehouse, Clementine is about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Nice. 

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