Synopsis: Theo rescues Hayden and Liam from the Dread Doctors after they complete more experiments. Also, Kira leaves town after she finds out that she was another of the Doctors’ experiments.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

We pick up this week with another obvious title explanation: Deaton’s looking around an abandoned nuclear power plant facility for answers to Beacon Hills’ Doctor problem. What’s that symbol on the wall, you ask? Well. It’s an ouroboro.

And for all of us asking, “What the hell is a ouroboro?” the good doctor quickly explains that it’s a snake eating itself. Impress your friends at parties with this newfound knowledge.

Anyway, Deaton tells his investigation partner that it’s time to leave, just as the nameless partner is shot by none other than the Desert Wolf. Good work on the casting, because this actress looks like she could be Malia’s birthmother. #DatBoneStructure

At the end of the episode, Mommy Malia holds Deaton hostage and asks if her daughter is still alive. If she is, she’ll have to go back to Beacon Hills to kill her. I guess the maternal instinct skipped her generation.

In the meantime, Melissa McCall just found a body impaled on a katana in her living room. She invites the Sheriff inside to investigate, who promptly directs his officers to find and arrest Kira.

One of the squad cars finds Kira wandering alone in the road in the middle of the night in a fugue state. The officer arrests Kira, but before she is charged with homicide, Kira’s father concocts a story about how he killed the girl in self defense and not-quite-dead girl then wandered into the McCall residence.

I’m convinced.

The Sheriff puts this body under lockdown at the morgue, but things go awry because this is Teen Wolf and nothing can be easy. Possessed Parrish manages to steal the body by messing with the building’s sprinkler system. Stiles then tells Lydia that he thinks Parrish is taking the bodies because he found Parrish’s scorched nametag at one of the crime scenes.

In other (final) Kira news, she reads the Dread Doctor book backwards to un-confuse the kitsune and confuse the audience as to how one reads a book backwards. She remembers the night of the traffic jam that one of the Doctors ended up jamming a needle into her eye and awakening her kitsune spirit. She realizes that she cannot get better in Beacon Hills, so she says goodbye to Scott with a final kiss before she leaves town. With no body, her dad also beat the murder rap.

The last bit of this episode was Liam/Hayden-centric. The team spent most of the episode desperately trying to find the kidnapped couple. Scott does the claw spinal cord thing and taps into clubbing-Corey’s memories to find where the Doctors are holding the pair. Unfortunately, that leads him astray to the water treatment plant.

Theo, on the other hand, keeps pressing Corey for details. He eventually learns the real location of the pair and rescues them. We learn that the silver liquid is mercury and indicates a failed experiment. We also learn that there is at least one other successful experiment who grew wing stubs and that Liam can take away Hayden’s pain with a kiss. It’s pretty darn cute.

In other news, Stiles’ father is close to figuring out his son was in the library the night Donovan died, and Scott thinks that his friend group is changing, but he doesn’t know how to fix it.

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