Synopsis 03×02: The team investigates the case of a young woman found dead in her wealthy boyfriend’s pool; Linus feels a connection to Ivy; Camille is intrigued by a medical examiner who likes to meet in unusual places. 

The episode opens up with Kirsten walking into a room with a white chamber. Looks like Kirsten found her mother after all (hooray!). Kirsten places her hands outside of the chamber in an emotional scene. Cameron visits Kirsten’s house in the morning and he finds that she isn’t home. Camille tells Cameron that this thing between him and Kirsten effects the entire team. She even mentions that Kirsten is a virgin in a sense, because her relationship with Cameron will be her first emotional one. Camille asks Cameron to go slowly with Kirsten. I think Camille is on to something, and hopefully, Cameron will take the advice. 

Camille asks Cameron what his deal was in the lab the previous day when his hands got a bit shaky when Kirsten didn’t bounce right away. Cameron swiftly claims he was tired and Camille doesn’t probe, instead she manages to convince Cameron to cook breakfast for her.  

A man wakes up to find his girlfriend dead floating in his pool. Meanwhile at the lab, Cameron asks Linus if he’s seen Kirsten. Linus says no but that he just arrived. Cameron then asks Linus about his mom and how she’s holding up. Linus says she’s ok and that he needs to catch up with Maggie about something. 

Linus walks into Maggie’s office and doesn’t miss a beat! He immediately asks about Ivy and Maggie shuts him down by saying  she doesn’t trust Ivy because it’s unclear if she’s working with Stinger or not.

Kirsten finally walks in and Cameron brings up stitching and running tests to figure out why Kirsten heard that random message in her mother’s memory. Kirsten tells him she’s fine and doesn’t need a test. They should work on perfecting stitching. Cameron drops it and instead, invites Kirsten to dinner to talk.

Camille briefs the team on Nick and his father Victor, who hasn’t left Russia after three separate attempts on his life. Kirsten and Cameron go searching for the secret phone, while Camille and Fisher head off to interrogate Nick. They ask him about the secret phone and he claims he didn’t know about a secret phone. Camille informs Nick that Sabine was telling someone secret information about his father’s company. Nick immediately goes quiet and says he has nothing else to say. 

Linus heads off on his own adventure and visits Ivy at work. He flat out asks her if she’s still working for Stinger and she says no even though nobody believes her. Linus does and he asks her out to dinner. 

Maggie sends Camille to meet the new medical examiner to see if there’s anything they might have missed. Camille learns the new medical examiner is just as snarky as her. They flirt with each other and Camille ends up writing her digits on the examiner’s hand. 

Cameron and Kirsten start kissing and it looks like things are about to get steamy. But, Cameron interrupts and tells Kirsten he’s worried that it might be residual effects from her stitching so he doesn’t want to go any further.

He mentions that this is Kirsten’s first emotional relationship and they should talk. Kirsten figures that’s what he meant in terms of them going to dinner. The conversation triggers a memory and Kirsten manages to retrieve the phone from where Sabine hid it. There’s a passcode so they bring it to Linus for him to crack.

Linus meets up with Ivy and they work together to crack the code over dinner. Cameron and Kirsten visit the zoo to find a messenger bag filled with cocaine. Meanwhile, Linus and Ivy crack the passcode and bring the unlocked phone back to the team.

The team meets at the lab and they update each other on all of their findings. They discover that the man who gave Sabine the phone, Jack, is the last number that was dialed on the secret phone. Camille researches and finds out that Jack was found dead. Maggie arranges for the body to be sent to them so Kirsten can stitch and find out what happen.

The next morning, Linus arrives at Camille’s house and overhears her on the phone flirting. He tells her that she should go for it because she deserves to be happy. Camille basically says the same thing to him, officially giving each other the green light to move on.  

Kirsten stitches into Jack’s memories and learns that the victim was beat by a man named Bulldog. Apparently Bulldog wanted to scare Nick so he would call upon his father for help. Bulldog succeeded because Victor shows up in Los Angeles by using an alias. Kirsten brings in Ivy to help the team hack into Victor’s banking records to help track where he might be.

Maggie asks Cameron and Camille if they think it’s a good idea. Cameron says no, Camille looks at Linus and says everyone should be trusted until proven otherwise. With that said, Ivy helps them and the team intercepts and manages to save both Nick and Victor. Though Victor did take a hit, he made it to the hospital and survived. 

Maggie’s new position requires her to travel to DC frequently and she needs to appoint a person to run things while she’s away. The obvious choice is Camille, because she’s basically been learning the ropes just for an opportunity like this. But it’s a blow to the chest for Camille, when Maggie promotes Cameron instead.

Camille meets with Maggie separately to ask why she wasn’t selected and Maggie tells her she needs to know when to trust people and to protect the team. Camille claims she made a mistake, but it’s no use the decision has already been made, Cameron’s in charge. However, I honestly don’t think that’s the end of the road for Camille. Cameron’s too wrapped up in Kirsten so if his focus shifts, Camille can easily swoop in for the job!

Camille visits the medical examiner at the club and kisses her. Cameron brings up the memory thing with Kirsten again and says he needs to know why she heard what she did in that memory. He really needs to know that stitching is safe for Kirsten. So instead of running test, Kirsten says she has a better idea and takes Cameron to her mother.  

What will Cameron and Kirsten do to communicate with Kirsten’s mother? Is Camille going to serious explore a relationship with the new medical examiner? Has Linus officially fallen for Kirsten’s sister, Ivy?

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