The Magicians: The Cock Barrens Recap

Synopsis of 2×06: Quentin comes to a painful epiphany at Alice’s memorial while Julia encounters Reynard’s least favorite witch. Our favorite Fillory royalty share a discordant rendezvous with emissaries from their neighbors to the north. So Here’s the Skinny: Quentin attends Alice’s memorial in her childhood home and seeks her parents’ help, while […]

The Pod Nod: Missing Richard Simmons will be Your Latest Obsession

It might be a bit early to write this Pod Nod, but I’m already engrossed in Missing Richard Simmons. That’s right, you heard it here first. We’re breaking the news on your newest obsession. Missing Richard Simmons is the best podcast to happen since Serial Season One. Only two episodes are out, but I predict […]