Synopsis of 03×11: Liv and Blaine come to the rescue of one of their own; Liv researches Major’s new friend; Ravi makes a surprising discovery of his own. 

Ravi stands his ground and continues to protect Don E. Harley knocked Ravi out of the way with the gun instead of killing him (phew). One of the zombie truthers prods Don E. Meanwhile Liv bangs at the front door and Blaine comes crashing through the ceiling, taking down some of the truthers.

The truthers put up a good fight, but Liv and Blaine are too good. Two of them run outside where Fillmore Graves mercenaries are waiting with guns. They tell them to drop their weapons, but they ignore them and start shooting. Harley watches as the soldiers shoot them both. Harley takes off before the mercenaries swoop in and rescue Liv, who was shot in the back, Blaine, who got locked in a cage, and Ravi, who was injured during the fight. 

Liv sees Major and tells him to call off his boys. They do, and Chase Graves tells Liv one of his soldiers tipped them off and they suspected Harley was the one behind it all. Liv, Don E, and Blaine all eat the same brain (Bo Johns), causing them all to act a little paranoid. 

Peyton discovers James left a safety deposit box for his daughter Tatum and finds the memory card is in that box. She also discovers that Peyton is a zombie by watching her have a vision. Liv texts Justin and Major to let them know that Harley knew Fillmore Graves put a bug in their truck. So the cabin was a trap. Major tells Chase Graves that it’s a trap and the soldiers pull back. But two of them don’t make it out alive. 

Liv wants Major to be happy, but she doesn’t trust Shauna. She investigates and discovers that Shauna has been posting pictures, videos, and text messages of Major all over her Tumblr page. Major freaks and breaks things off with Shauna. Meanwhile, Ravi receives a visit from Rachel, who was also at the zombie truthers meeting and in the room where they were holding Don E hostage. Rachel asks Ravi to explain everything: zombies, the chaos killer, and everything. 

Clive hired a ballistic guy to look into the bullets and guns that were retrieved from Harley’s van. The ballistic guy confirmed that the bullets and the guns match to the other crime scenes. Looks like Clive is finally getting closer to nailing the person who killed Wally and shot at Baracus. 

Shauna did not let Major go so easily, she’s selling t-shirts with pictures of them as payback. Baracus may or may not be a killer, but he is the new zombie mayor! Turns out Ravi’s new friend Rachel is actually an undercover reporter who’s about to expose everything.

Clive and Liv head back to the cabin to investigate the new construction Harley had set-up. They find Harley hiding underground claiming that he didn’t kill Wally. Liv has a vision proving that Harley is telling the truth.

Right after, Liv jumps out of the way as Harley points what looks like a gun at them. Clive jumps back and shoots Harley. Clive doesn’t feel good about killing him, but at least justice was served. Liv breaks the bad news that Harley actually didn’t kill Wally, he was sitting outside in his car when the shots rang out. Clive feels horrible for killing an innocent man, but then Harley moves and sits up, turns out he’s actually a zombie. Welcome to the team, Harley?

On Ravi’s way to work, he spots the paper and the headline reads ‘Zombies in Seattle are Real’ with a picture of Liv on the front page. Looks like the secret is out. 

What will Ravi do to Rachel? Is Liv safe? Are the other zombies safe? Can’t wait for the next episode next week!

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