The Walking Dead: Internment (4×05)

Synopsis: Hershel cares for those in the sick bay as best he can with the limited resources, but with the dangers mounting inside and outside the walls, it might not be enough to save them.

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Rick is driving back to the prison, obviously still conflicted about his decision to send Carol away – looking back at the road and to the watch she gave him as a parting gift. We finally see some dogs on the side of the road! Which, if we’re being honest, was pretty awesome for me – even if they sniffed at a zombie before running off.

In the sick bay of the prison, Glenn, Sasha, and Hershel are working on intubating Henry, who can no longer breathe on his own and survive. Hershel has both Sasha and Glenn drink more tea and attempts to lighten the mood by making council decisions without the rest of the group. His first order to be put in place? Spaghetti Tuesdays… On Wednesdays… as soon as they find some spaghetti. Sasha takes over pumping the air for Henry, which will keep him alive for as long as they’re willing to do it, while Hershel and Glenn go on rounds.

They find a man dead in his cell, but when Glenn goes to kill him, Hershel stops him. They get a gurney and move the dead body, which Lizzie catches them doing. Hershel explains that Mr. Jacobson is going to a quieter place and he sends Lizzie off to read Tom Sawyer. When they situate themselves, Glenn tells Hershel there was one late last night that Sasha killed and he tells Glenn that people don’t need to see it. He says he doesn’t want them to see it. And then poor Mr. Jacobson wakes up a zombie and Glenn stabs him in the head to kill him.

This was a rough episode for Hershel and his unending optimism.
This was a rough episode for Hershel and his unending optimism.

Maggie is waiting at the execution chamber window for Glenn, but Hershel shows up and explains to her that Glenn is resting. He tells her that he’s doing his best to keep Glenn occupied. She wants to come in, but Hershel won’t allow it and asks her to keep it together for a little while longer. When they part, Hershel sees Glenn, who thanks him for stopping her. He’s having a really difficult time and tells Hershel that if she saw him, she would have come in.

Instead, Maggie burns off that energy by killing walkers at the fence, in an attempt to keep it upright. At the same time, Rick comes back without Carol and it’s the first question she asks him. In bold move, Rick tells her about how Carol killed Karen and David, explaining that he didn’t think it would be a good idea to bring her back with Tyreese. He asks her not to tell anyone else yet and if she thought he made the right decision. Maggie tells him that she thinks what he did was right, but that she’s not sure she could have made that decision herself.

Glenn is pumping Henry’s oxygen for him while Hershel is visiting with Caleb, the doctor. Caleb explains to him that there’s an end stage that no one can come back from, pointing out the IVs he made for Hershel and the gun he brought in just in case. He urges Hershel to make sure everyone’s doors are shut at night and he says there’s a chance for some of them to live. Caleb has a grim outlook on his own survival even with Hershel’s attempt at comforting him.

Hands up, who would have taken Doctor Caleb over Doc Bob the Alcoholic?
Hands up, who would have taken Doctor Caleb over Doc Bob the Alcoholic?

Despite his trying to cheer Caleb up, Hershel begins closing people’s cells for the night when he witnesses one man fall out of his cell and die violently on the ground. A lot of other people hear this and come out of their cells to look. He tries to convince them to go back into their cells while Sasha gets him the gurney to wheel the man off. With some trepidation, Hershel kills the man after covering his face with a sheet. After the act is done, he realizes Rick is there and they discuss the situation. Hershel tells him it’s the third one they’ve lost and that they burn them behind the blocks. When he returns to the sick bay, Hershel notices that Sasha has fallen down and passed out. Unbeknownst to him, a girl has died and come back a zombie in one of the open cells.

Outside, Rick and Maggie are shoring up the fence as best they can. He tries to assure Maggie that Hershel is okay, but she asks him if Carl were sick if he would be in sick bay with him. Rick says only if he thought he could help before a walker grabs his leg through the fence and he falls down. Maggie hacks the woman’s arm off and he says he’s glad to have her out there with him.

Sasha wakes up slowly in a bed with Hershel watching over her. She’d been dehydrated and passed out, admitting that she’s not sure she’d still be alive right now without Hershel in here with them. Glenn is in with Henry, who stops breathing despite their best efforts, and when Glenn fails to administer CPR, he tries to alert Hershel. But before he can call out, he starts to cough and choke on his own blood.

Glenn is also having a pretty tough episode...
Glenn is also having a pretty tough episode…

Lizzie is the one to find http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/pain-relief/ Glenn passed out with Henry and yells for Hershel. At the same time, the zombie girl is up and out of her cell, falling on top of Hershel. When a man comes out to help with his gun, the boy he’d been defensive of earlier has turned and attacks him. Lizzie is calling Henry away from Glenn like a dog while a woman helps to pull the zombie girl off of Hershel. Someone manages to get a shot off that is heard from the fence line. Maggie seems concerned and Rick lets her go to see what happened.

While herding Henry away, Lizzie accidentally trips and he falls on top of her while she screams. Hershel manages to dump Henry over the railing onto a grated area and she tells him about Glenn in the cell. Meanwhile, Maggie is trying and failing to get in the door without someone opening it for her. She breaks her axe in the process. Hershel is trying to put people back in their cells while Glenn is wheezing and struggling to breathe with blood in his mouth. With no other options, Hershel goes to get the gun from Caleb, only to find the poor doctor is a zombie himself. He has to kill Caleb rather quickly to get access to the gun.

With no other options, Rick goes in search of Carl to help him secure the fence. Carl wonders if they’re okay inside, but Rick assures him they would have heard more gunshots and Maggie would have come to get them if things were going bad. The logs they’re using to hold the fence secure begin to snap and the zombies finally bring it down. Rick and Carl go running into the guard tower with a herd following. They emerge from the other side to try to decide how to fix that hole while the zombies start pushing up against the second fence to try to get to them.

This won't give me nightmares at all...
This won’t give me nightmares at all…

Inside the prison, Hershel is packing the gun and getting ready to herd the zombies as best he can. Maggie shoots the glass in the execution chamber to gain access to this part of the prison and goes running in. Hershel has no choice but to shoot a female zombie that corners him. He then goes to turn Glenn on his side and realizes that the only way to keep Glenn alive is to get that bag from zombie Henry. He is on the grated area, trying to take the bag from his mouth when Maggie moves to shoot Henry. Hershel warns her not to, in case she shoots a hole in the bag, because they need it to keep Glenn alive.

She ends up shooting the zombie anyway – and thankfully, manages not to shoot the bag. But she goes running for Glenn and exclaims that he’s turning blue. Hershel works to put the bag in his mouth and when things begin to calm down, he tells her that he didn’t want her in there. She says she had to be in there with them. With the action over, Lizzie comes out of her cell to ask if it’s over and Maggie says she hopes so. Creepy Lizzie puts her foot in the blood on the cell floor and seems to play in it for an extended amount of time.

Oh shit, the zombies got through!
Oh shit, the zombies got through!

As the zombies push down the second fence, Rick gives Carl a quick tutorial on how to shoot the rifle he hands him. They begin shooting at the zombies and Rick reminds him that he shoots or he runs, he shouldn’t get caught up. When Carl shoots a zombie that is getting close to him, Rick seems surprised and almost proud. After they’re done, they walk through the downed zombies and make sure to stab any still alive in the head. Carl tries to assure Rick that everything is going to be okay when they see the van coming back.

Tyreese jumps out, asking about Sasha, but Rick admits he doesn’t know and Tyreese goes running off to see her. Soon after, Bob goes into the sick bay to help treat Glenn while Maggie and Hershel look on. She urges Hershel to finally get some rest and he goes to read his Bible by the dead doctor, Caleb. He ends up crying in his cell…

Michonne is outside clearing the bodies and declines Rick’s assistance with the task. When Carl finds Rick, he tells Carl he has to talk to Daryl. But when Carl asks if he has to do that right now, Rick rethinks it and says no. Hershel is outside the prison once again because Glenn is breathing on his own and Michonne offers to take him out with her in the jeep, which he accepts. Daryl asks Hershel about Carol’s whereabouts, but he tells him to ask Rick, who is in the gardens with Carl. A shot pulling back from the prison shows a new audience – the Governor is back!

I think I gasped 'NO!!!' and then screamed 'YES!!!' right afterwards. Bring on the crazy.
I think I gasped ‘NO!!!’ and then screamed ‘YES!!!’ right afterwards. Bring on the crazy.

This has been one of the more suspenseful episodes of The Walking Dead to date. Who had money on Hershel dying because of all that character development they had for his character? Are you excited to see the Governor back? Are you mad we have to wait until next week to see how Daryl reacts to Carol’s banishment? Let us know what you loved and hated about the episode!

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