Synopsis 03×04: Liv consumes the brain of a murder victim who had the reputation of being an office gossiper; Blaine and Peyton grow closer as they wait to see if Ravi is able to reverse the effects of the cure; Major is one step away from fulfilling a promise. 

A woman named Cheryl who happens to be an office gossip has been murdered. So after Liv consumes her brains, she basically becomes a huge gossip and a thorn in everyone’s side. Clive channels his patience and attempts to endure her new gossip personality during the on-going investigation, while everyone else remains highly annoyed, especially Ravi.

After Liv and Clive shuffle through Cheryl’s thick compliant file and interviewed several of Cheryl’s co-workers (whom she spread rumors about, and Liv knew all the dirt!) they discovered that Cheryl’s co-workers, Tom and Vikki helped plot to kill her. With the help of Ravi, Liv and Clive discovered there was a third accomplice named Peter and of course our fav Clive charged them accordingly for the crime!

Meanwhile, Liv tortured Ravi as she gossiped about Blaine and Peyton’s growing relationship. As things begin to heat up, Blaine and Peyton patiently wait to see if Ravi is able to reverse the effects of the cure.

Ravi obviously is still reeling over what happened the other night (him sleeping with his former boss, and Peyton discovering her in nothing but his dress shirt, hmm!), so each rumor Liv delivers is like a blow straight to his heart. Ravi continues to mope and spends time with Major drinking alcohol and playing video games. Despite his whiny state, Ravi manages to still care about Major. When he goes into a coughing fit while at home playing video games, Ravi manages to stop wallowing to help his friend.

Ravi gives Blaine a check-up and tells him he should be alone, that someone should monitor him for a few days… now why would you do that, Ravi?! I’m pretty sure he basically just gave Blaine and Peyton the greenlight to hangout with each other even more!

Even though Major’s health continues to deteriorate, he is focused on keeping his promise to a woman named Natalie. So, in classic Major fashion, he goes on a stakeout and trails Osbourne Oates, who eventually leads Major to Natalie (yay, gotta love sleuthing, Major!).

He sneaks in to speak with Natalie and tries to convince her to take the cure. She immediately shows sign of hope about possibly becoming human again… that is until Major tells her she will lose all of her memories, and will have to start fresh. Obviously that’s not what anyone wants, but Major hands her the cure all the same, leaving Natalie with a very tough decision to make on top of being stuck with Osbourne. Oh Major you selfless goody two shoes—I really hope his character remains on the show, otherwise I MIGHT DIE!

As expected, Liv comes home and discovers that Peyton has volunteered time to monitor Blaine. Liv isn’t sure how to process the news, but lets the gossip settle in. Peyton really cares about this new Blaine (and obviously knows nothing of the old him or she wouldn’t be so quick to give it up!) and doesn’t want anything to happen to him. Which is kind of selfish when you think about it, because she low-key doesn’t want the serum to work, which means she doesn’t really care for Major? Hmmm… not sure how I feel about that one, Peyton, so not cool!

Clive and Liv discover the person who leaked the information about Wally and his mom’s whereabouts. They may or may not have just discovered the zombie killer. They find the dude at a gun range shooting mock-ups of zombies. But after having a conversation with him, Clive doesn’t believe he killed Wally. However he does think the guy will murder zombies the first chance he gets (watch out Liv, he might be coming for you!).

We just might get to see this zombie vs. human war after all! Looking forward to seeing what the zombie mercenaries will do to in the coming episodes.

Episode 5, ‘Spanking the Zombie’ is scheduled to air this Tuesday, May 2. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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