Synopsis 03×01: Kirsten Clark’s life hangs in the balance as the Stitchers team works to bounce her back into the real world; the laboratory is on lockdown; NSA Director Mitchell Blair demands an emergency stitch that yields shocking new information.

Kirsten has been in her memory for three days. Cameron has been feeding her liquids through tubes. Maggie’s son is in the army hospital, she’s hoping to visit him as soon as she wraps things up with Kirsten. But Mitchell Blair seems to have other plans in store for the group. 

Cameron decides to have the team reboot the system in order to sever the memory and force Kirsten to bounce. They shut down the system and Kirsten’s blood pressure drops. Once the system is rebooted, Cameron tries to reach Kirsten again and begs her to bounce but it doesn’t work. 

Linus is anxious to reach his parents to find out if his dad is okay. Blair took away everyone’s cell phones so he doesn’t have a way to check in. But he can feel something is wrong. He talks to Maggie and asks if there’s any chance he can step out to check on his dad, she tells him no. They are all on lockdown, but he tells her that he has a feeling that something is wrong. Maggie says it’s a bond between parent and child, like entanglement. 

After the failed reboot attempt, Maggie suggests they bring in Kirsten’s sister Ivy to see if she can tell them anything about their father that will help bring Kirsten out of her memory. Blair says no, so Maggie ask for detective Fisher because he was in the room when Ivy was being questioned. Fisher walks into the room and looks like he had been fighting. He admits that he was fighting, but that he was okay and they should really see the other guy. 

Maggie asks Fisher if they asked Ivy anything about the quantum computer. Fisher said no, they only questioned her about Stinger’s whereabouts. Maggie gives Linus the OK to bring Ivy in and tells him he must be the one to question her. 

Linus meets with Ivy and questions her over and over again. But Ivy claims she doesn’t know anything. Then she asks Linus what’s really going on and why he keeps asking her about entanglement and the quantum computer. Linus breaks down and tells Ivy everything and that the sooner he brings Kirsten back the sooner he can check on his father. Ivy tells Linus she has a smartwatch with a cell signal. She gives it to him and tells him to call his parents. Then she admits that she does know what entanglement is and about the quantum computer. 

Linus discovers his father died, two days ago and the funeral was yesterday. He tells Camille everything and they both get teary eyed. Camille reminds him that his father was happy and proud of him. 

Linus and Cameron figure out a way to hijack Kirsten’s mother within the memory. Cameron begins to say mean things to Kirsten as her mother in order to disentangle her from the memory. It starts to work. Camille tells Cameron to push her harder so he does and it works; Kirsten wakes up crying and runs into Cameron’s arms telling him all the mean things her mother said.

However, it wasn’t Kirsten’s mother, it was Cameron all along and when he tells her it was him, she slaps him and then she faints. Immediately after,  agent Blair places the entire team under arrest. 

Kirsten wakes up at home after sleeping for eighteen hours. Ivy appears out of nowhere and Kirsten asks her where everyone else is. Ivy tells her they’ve all been arrested and she also admits that she knows about the stitchers program and is happy that their father helped build it. Kirsten tells Ivy that Stinger is not her father, especially after trapping her in her own memory. 

Kirsten sets out to meet with Blair to convince him to let her team go and to find out where her mother is. Blair reveals that the NSA does have her mother and that the stitchers program are trials until they understand everything about stitching. Once they know everything, Kirsten can stitch into her mother’s unique brain and save her. 

Kirsten is happy to know that her mother is alive. Now she wants her team back even more and Blair tells her no again. He is putting together a new team and promises that they will be just as good. 

Kirsten leaves his office upset and meets back up with Ivy. They make their way back to the lab and find Tim there preparing the lab for the next group of workers. That’s when Kirsten comes up with a plan to break out her team. She prints out credentials for a high ranking NSA official and Tim prints fingerprints on the 3D printer. 

Next, Kirsten goes to where the team is being held and tries to get past security. Everything runs smoothly except her fingerprints aren’t working. She doesn’t panic, wipes the screen and tries for a third time. It works and she meets with the team. She almost gets them out when they are stopped outside by armed guards. Blair holds them all until they can be reassigned. 

Kirsten and Cameron are in a separate room talking when Camille comes barging in to tell them that Blair has called the group back to the lab. Once they get there, Blair tells them they need Kirsten to stitch into his son, Nathan Blair’s memories to see who killed him. Kirsten and Linus don’t want to do it, and want Maggie to use this moment to negotiate. But of course, Maggie doesn’t and tells them that they are better than Blair and that they will stitch. 

Kirsten agrees and prepares to stitch. Cameron tells her he doesn’t know how this will go for her since it’s her first time stitching after being under for so long. He asks her to promise to bounce if anything doesn’t feel right. Kirsten agrees. She also tells him he’s cute when he worries about her.

Kirsten stitches and discovers that her father was the one who killed Nathan. He did so to tell Kirsten a coded message: Blair is going to kill her mother, he is not to be trusted. Kirsten bounces from the stitch and Blair asks her what she saw. Kirsten says nothing, but Blair doesn’t believe her and can tell she’s lying. So he takes a gun from one of the guards and grabs Camille and threatens to shoot. Kirsten spills the truth and Blair lets Camille go. 

Blair once again detains everyone, except Ivy and Kirsten. So once again Kirsten steals the identity of a high ranking NSA official and goes above Blair’s head to get what she wants. She demands to know where her mother is, and wants Blair to stay away from her and the team. She demands that Maggie be in charge of the stitchers program too. The next day, everyone is back at the lab and Maggie is in charge. Everything’s falling into place (finally!). 

The episode wraps up with Kirsten going to Cameron’s apartment. She asks him if Nina is around and he says no, and shows her the note she left behind. Kirsten is sorry to hear that Nina left. But both Cameron and Kirsten finally admit to one another how much they care about the other. It’s the sweetest scene ever and they kiss quite a few times! 

All I can say is, ABOUT TIME Cameron! So thrilled to finally see them together. Now, let’s see what the next episode brings. 

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