All right, well, here we are immediately after the shoot out with Deputy Shelby.

If you like Mike Vogel, don’t worry. He’ll be back as the main character in Under the Dome soon enough. But for now he’s dead. And we find out the Sheriff Romero? Not really such a good guy after all. He’s been riding Norma’s ass about Keith’s death but apparently he’s been in on all of the shit going down in town because when he gets the call out to the house Norma tells him everything. And Romero makes it all go away. Comes up with a cover story. The whole nine yards.

Dylan isn’t too happy about being written out of the story as a bumbling moron who got shot in the crossfire but he can’t really do anything about it. He gets patched up and prepares to move out but knows Norman won’t come with him. Which is probably for the best considering he knows that Norman is crazy now. At least Norma does her best to show her thanks for everything. Until he tells her that he’s moving out anyway. Then she becomes her usual angry self. And makes him take out the trash.

He sees this creepy guy played by Jere Burns whose basically just playing Wynn Duffy from Justified all over again. Dylan asks him if he needs a room and the guy just asks what happened to the motel and where Keith Summers is. Then he drives away all creepy like.

While prepping to get ready for the hotel to open, Norman finds a little ratty dog hiding under the house. Over time he starts to gain her trust though Norma isn’t too happy about him having a dog. But he spends most of the episode trying to get the dog to accept him and eventually she gives in.

Norma isn’t too happy about his thing with Bradley either. Norman is way hung up on the girl and seems to think they are dating. He keeps making excuses for why she hasn’t talked to him and tells everyone that its because her dad died and she’s going through some rough spots. Basically, he just doesn’t want to except that it was a booty call. Even though everyone else knows it was a booty call. When he’s a douche to Emma and refuses to come down when she comes over to visit, Norma – who likes the girl probably more because she’s going to die and won’t take Norman away from her forever than anything else – go snooping around town spying on Bradley.

Things with the hotel aren’t going well for Norma, unfortunately. She keeps trying to leave advertisements for the motel in various restaurants and such around town. But they keep telling her they don’t want to be associated with the murder hotel and all the shit that went down there while Keith Summers ran it. So when creepy guy comes back and asks for his room that he had on hold with Keith, Norma lets him have it. Dylan is suspicious but, you know, the guy is paying. And they need paying customers. Of course then it becomes creepy and obvious that he was in on the sex slavery thing because he comes back to talk to Norma about keeping his room for him and also renting out every room in the motel for a week every other month. She asks if there’s anything illegal going on and he says no but c’mon. Of course there is something illegal going on.

Norman ultimately goes to confront Bradley and she explains that it was a all just a little bit of fun. He gets upset and gets all crazy eyed and starts talking to himself. For a moment I think we’re supposed to think he’s going to kill Bradley – and for a moment I did. But then she hugs him and apologizes and tells him he’s a good person and all that jazz. And he stops being all angry. He had stormed out on Norma so he starts walking home. When he does so, he sees the little dog. She’s actually really excited to see him and he’s named her Juno. She even comes to her name and for whatever reason he is a moron and calls to her from the other side of the road. She’s so excited that she runs into the street while a car is coming and gets killed.

Queue crazy Norman again. He picks up the dog, almost seems like he’s going to attack the guy who hit her, and then demands to go to Emma’s because Emma’s dad can ‘fix animals.’ And now we know where Psycho Norman Bates starts with his creepy taxidermy.

In episode eight the school seems to get wind of his slight crazy. Not sure what that’s going to mean for the show as a whole or the story. It’ll be the third to last episode – of this season. Bates Motel was unofficially picked up for a second season back in April so they won’t likely be going all out on this plot line just yet.

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