Adapted from the Belgian series Cordon, The CW’s upcoming series Containment is one of our most anticipated series of the year. The show premieres Tuesday, April 19th at 9 PM on the CW but attendees at WonderCon last month were lucky enough to get an early screening of the pilot episode. We were also fortunate enough to get to sit down with the cast and show runners to talk a bit about the series.

Containment takes place in Atlanta after a devastating pandemic begins sweeping the series. In an effort to contain the spread of the disease they quarantine the city. But Containment is about more than just that. It’s as much about characters and relationships as anything else. It’s about the people stuck on both sides of the quarantine fence and the challenges – and dangers – they’ll face.

Currently intended to serve as an ‘event series,’ we learned from Matt Corman and Chris Ord at WonderCon that the series could continue if audiences receive the series well. If viewers are as excited about the series as the cast and show runners are about it then a second season would be a certainty. As it is, we’ll just have to wait to see how things go when the series premieres later this month.

Get excited and learn more about Containment by watching our full roundtable videos below!


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