I really ought to have written this recap on Friday when Therese and I saw the episode at WonderCon but I was super lazy tired after a full day of driving and convention-ing. So here it is now that I’ve refreshed my memory!

We say our final goodbye to Danny who I’m still pretty bitter about dying in the first place. Seriously, though. The whole point of the show was to find Danny. Now Danny is dead.


Our group of plucky heroes has divided into two for the time being. Charlie and her mother (along with Aaron) stay with the rebels at their base in the old hospital while Miles – who is clearly pretty wracked with grief over Danny and now channeling that into drinking and helping the resistance – go after an old buddy of his from his Monroe army days. The idea is that if Miles can get all of his old lieutenants back on his side he can finally finish Monroe off once and for all. The problem is that these are the same men who supported him the last time he tried to off Monroe… and he failed. And when he failed he took off and abandoned them all. Ever since they’ve been pretty much in the same position that he has been in hiding and trying to carve out a living for themselves.

They go to this picturesque little town that’s literally like a model home sort of set up for the post-apocalypse. Everyone has their nice little pre-power outage little houses and they’ve all come together for a cute little community. Which, of course, Miles comes to destroy. See, their town librarian isn’t who he says he is. He’s not some nice man who likes books and loves his wife. He’s one of Miles’s old army buddies – Jim Hudson. He’s tracked him down to try and gain his support. Unfortunately some dumb ass rebel traitor goes to tell the Monroe army that a.) the rebels have retreated to the hospital and b.) Miles went after Jim Hudson.

You can’ t get good help these days.

Well, you can if you’re the Monroe Republic. They send a kill squad after Miles and Jim Hudson and they come marching into this town with their rifles and such. Jim waits for them and he’s talking to the leader of the squad when Miles and Nora come out of cover and a bloodbath ensues. Like, literally. They are chopping these soldiers to pieces. Little ones. With swords. Just swords. And maybe an ax or two. Jim is doing all of this while his wife watches horrified from the second story of their home, too, which is wright on that center square. Right. Well, maybe if he hadn’t been too busy killing people he might have realized that the leader of the kill squad had gone up to get his pretty little wife. But they managed to kill him and get her back but, you know. Watching your docile librarian husband hack a dozen or more people to death puts a strain on your marriage. Especially when he lied to you about everything – including his name.

I have no idea why he ultimately agrees to go with Miles at the end because seriously. Miles had ruined his life twice. How many more times is this guy going to let him screw things up for him? At least one more it seems.

Back at the hospital, everyone seems pretty happy and what not until they realize they’ve been betrayed and their position is compromised. They all start to pack up and take off when Rachel realizes that Randall is coming for her. She and Charlie had been having some domestic disputes which involved her getting mad at Charlie for going out on patrol and getting hurt and then smacking her across the face when Charlie gives her sass about her not being her mom, etc. Whatever. Charlie deserved it. Seriously, though. I really don’t like her as the main character of this series.

I really only watch it for Miles.

And Google Guy. (Aaron.)

Rachel, Charlie, and Aaron stay behind to destroy the pendants which apparently Randall can track. We get a little bit of back story about how the weapon that turned off the power was developed by Randall as some sort of retaliation against the world for his son dying overseas or something. It was supposed to be a way of stopping insurgents dead in their tracks. Instead it destroyed everything. Good job, Randall. Though, he doesn’t seem to care. Guy went off the deep end big time.

He shows up at the hospital and realizes that the pendants are there. Except the little blips he is following disappear when Rachel disintegrates all their important parts in acid. Then they play a little cat and mouse game where Charlie, Rachel, and Aaron try to stay one step ahead of Randall’s guys. For a little bit he manages to catch a hold of Rachel but Charlie comes to bust her out and they all go running off into the woods to safety.

They don’t quite make it to the rendezvous point which is fine because Miles, Nora, and Jim catch up to them and they all take a moment to bond again in the forest where Charlie and her mom sorta have a moment.


Not a bad episode all things considered. The best part, though? There’s a part where Monroe is monologuing – as all good villains do – and he was talking to Tom about having him sit out a bit since Jason is now “dead.” I think Monroe knows he’s not but whatever. Monroe gets talking about taking the war to the other factions around the United States and he talks about taking on Governor Affleck out in the Republic of California.

Ben Affleck for Governor of post-apocalyptic California!

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