Folks, this might be the last episode of Hear and Now with Steve Jozef for some time. I created the show as my thesis project, and with the dissertation on the horizon, the show is going on hiatus. For how long? No idea. But we’re going out with a bang, reviewing two of my personal most anticipated albums of the year. We break down Kanye West’s long awaited new release The Life of Pablo in depth; then we devle into Painting With, the newest release from the pivotal experimental pop group Animal Collective. Listen on Nerdophiles, iTunes, or Soundcloud.

Songs that appear on this episode:

Kanye West: “Ultralight Beam”; “Famous”; “FML”; “Fade”

Animal Collective: “Floridada”; “Lying In The Grass”; “Golden Gal”


Hear and Now with Steve Jozef
Hear and Now with Steve Jozef
Episode 13: Kanye West, Animal Collective

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