Synopsis of 2×12: Ezra gets a tip from Hondo about some captured refugees and it turns out they’re actually Lasat. Zeb finds out that he’s not only no longer the last of his people but that there may be hope for their whole species.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

In a rare Zeb-centric episode, “Legends of the Lasat” gives us some insight on Zeb’s past and the history of the Lasat. One of Zeb’s defining characterizations is that he is a survivor. Not only that, he’s the last of his kind. He was once a distinguished warrior who wasn’t able to save his people. It’s a bit part of who he is, though at times it’s subtle. And Zeb’s generally comical demeanor often times overshadows his more tragic undertones.

“Legends of the Lasat” brings that all front and center again.

Ezra gets a call from Hondo who has a lead on some refugees who have been captured by the Empire. The team goes to rescue them but is surprised to find that the people they’ve come to rescue are actually Lasat. Zeb is shocked to find he’s not the only one left. He’s even more shocked to realize that these people recognize him. They realize that he is in fact Garazeb Orrelios, Captain of the Honor Guard. One of the Lesat even served with him once before the fall of Lasan.

The other surviving Lasat is much more enigmatic. Her name is Chava the Wise. She tells Zeb about a planet called Lirasan which is some safe haven for their species from Lasat prophecies. Zeb isn’t buying it but it turns out he might have a bigger role to play in things that he’s willing to accept. Chava speaks of a “child” who will lead them home – but first has to save “the warrior” and “the fool.”

While the others work on figuring out where Lirasan might be, Hondo finds himself in hot water. After trying to play both sides he finds himself caught up in the Empire’s efforts to track down Ezra and the rest. It turns out you can’t try and collect a bounty on your rebel friends without putting yourself in a bit of a predicament. When the crew of the Ghost manage to get away, Hondo finds himself dragged along. Turns out he has a way of tracking the Ghost and while the rebels may have escaped for a time they can’t avoid Kallus and the Empire for long.

Still, while they have some time they do their best to try and find Lirasan. Chava tries to lead them in a sort of ritual to try and move the prophecy along but Zeb isn’t really interested. Ezra figures out that he feels guilty about not saving his people. It’s a crippling guilt, but Ezra reminds Zeb that he may not have been able to do something in the past but he can help his people now. Together, he and Chava – with Chopper’s help – are able to identify a location in uncharted space that winds up being near a dangerous star cluster.

The Imperials track them there thanks to Hondo but they can’t get too close due to the destructive force of the cluster. That doesn’t stop the Ghost, though. Zeb manages to navigate them into the cluster and, surprisingly, they wind up surviving. They discover Lirasan and discover that it is not only the planet prophesied but that it is in fact the original homeworld of the Lasat. Not only is Zeb no longer the sole survivor or even one of three survivors of his species, but that he is one of millions living on Lirasan.

Instead of staying with his people, however, Zeb comes back to rejoin the crew of the Ghost, determined to help any other surviving Lasat find their way to their new home.

It’s a happy ending for Zeb and a new era for his character. For so long he’s carried the burden of being the last of his kind that the joy he’s feeling now has to be incredible. If the show focused more on Zeb I think we’d see this revelation have a major impact on him. As it is, Zeb will likely remain more or less the same as he’s always been.

Still, it’s a nice episode.

And Zeb (as well as the others) deserve a bit more of the spotlight. I’m glad we’ve dedicated the past couple of episodes to the secondary characters before getting too focused on Kanan and Ezra again. It helps flesh out the feel of the ensemble cast even though we all know who the primary players are here.

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