Synopsis: Liam tries to save Hayden from being another one of the Doctors’ failed experiments. Scott learns that Stiles killed Donovan, but Theo lies about exactly how it happened in order to drive the two apart. Parrish learns the truth behind the disappearing bodies.

Rating: ★★★★☆

If there’s one thing that Teen Wolf does well, it’s setting a mood. Last season, the nightmare of the nogitsune was paralleled by some literal dark post-production lighting, and the characters’ emotional arcs were equally twisted. #NeverForgetAllison

This week’s episode focuses on how things are falling apart at the high school. Everyone is uneasy, and you can tell they’re uneasy from Scott’s overly narrative narration AND the greyish bleh lighting the producers decided to use to set the mood.

Anyway, we learn that Corey and Hayden seem to be healing and getting stronger, but neither of them want anything to do with Scott. Which, you know, makes sense, because he kinda held them hostage to use as human bait a few episodes back.

Meanwhile, snake!Theo asks the Doctors to spare Hayden’s life even though she’s a failed experiment. He needs a little more time with her for his diabolical plans (whatever they may be).

Malia sees a girl in class bite off one of her nails, revealing congealed, black chimera blood. Malia rushes out to help Beth, but the Doctors kill her – leaving Malia’s sanity fraying at the edges.

Liam and Hayden are adorably coupley, but that only lasts for a hot second before Hayden has a silver nosebleed and the two try to skip town before the Doctors come after her. Just as the pair leaves after robbing Hayden’s work, the Doctors attack. Theo and Scott fend them off, but not before they inject Hayden with another dose of mercury.

Theo tells the Doctors he still needs more time with Scott, and they let Hayden live. For now. The Doctors also start saying some weird words that I couldn’t make out (think garbled Bane in The Dark Knight Rises but with a speech impediment and yelling from two miles underwater).

Say what now? [hypeable]
Say what now? [hypeable]
Theo and Liam rush Hayden to the animal clinic for medical attention, where Theo tells Liam he should ask Scott to bite Hayden to turn her into a wolf who can heal herself. Liam asks, and Scott says no. #ThePackDissolves

In other news, Corey (the other chimera) gets super strong right before he starts bleeding and the Doctors come and kill him. The Sheriff investigates the scene of Donovan’s murder and questions Theo about the night of his death.

Theo tells the Sheriff what happened to Donovan, replacing Stiles in the story with himself. Then, Theo turns around and tells Scott that Stiles brutally murdered Donovan by repeatedly bashing his head in with a wrench.  When Scott confronts Stiles, the truth doesn’t come to light, and the friendship between the two comes unglued. #TheosNefariousPlot

It's killing me too, bby. []
It’s killing me too, bby. []
The last major plot point this week involved Parrish. Lydia told the deputy that he is the one who’s been playing hide-and-seek with the chimera bodies. Even though he doesn’t remember any of it, he leads Lydia to the Nemeton (after a wonderful, sexually charged sparring scene between the two) and reveals that in his dream he lays hundreds of bodies down at the trees’ roots. Parrish then proceeds to lock himself up so that he doesn’t endanger everyone else.

“Don’t let me out. Don’t.” – Academy Award winning writing

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