Synopsis: An inexplicable Supergirl clone appears in National City, and Kara goes on a date.

Rating: ?????

One of my favorite things about Supergirl, is that literally everyone loves Kara? Her adopted family took to her immediately, Clark Kent has been nothing but supportive from the jump, James and Winn practically fall at her feet, and curmudgeonly Hank, who never wanted her around in the first place, has come to see her as something akin to family.

Adam requested she mediate the meeting with his mother even though he barely knew her, and immediately asked her out afterwards, Cat Grant acts haughty, but has a clear affection and appreciation for Kara, and aggressively anti-alien Senator Crane publicly recanted her stance after meeting Supergirl. She fascinates Maxwell Lord, and Astra, even at her worst, was never able to let go of the fact that she was family.

And who can blame them?

Maybe that’s why this week’s episode gave us the gift of double Supergirls. Maxwell Lord has apparently devoted the last three months to turning a comatose woman into a Supergirl clone, brainwashed her, and set her loose on National City to discredit and eventually kill the real Supergirl. To prove that superheroes can’t be trusted, and supply his own guardian of humanity instead – who is literally an exact clone of the superhero he thinks is threatening humanity, and who he killed seven innocent women to create.

You know, just normal, sane people stuff.

Speaking of doubles, in a clever thematic match-up, this week shows us a a softer side of Cat. Uncharacteristically chipper after being reunited with her son, she smiles, offers unsolicited support, and even brings Kara her favorite coffee.

In addition, publicly known philanthropist and tech innovator Max Lord, after quoting Frankenstein, and literally saying “it’s aliveeee” ironically explains to his newly awakened creation, that some people who seem good, are in fact very, very bad. Kara even goes so far as to make an Invasion of the Body Snatchers joke, lampshading the motif of people being other than what they seem.

After the clone abducts Kara from her date with Adam, while she was Kara, not Supergirl, Kara realizes that Max Lord knows who she is. Which means he knows everything about her life, and no one around her is safe. Frustrated and sad, she reluctantly breaks up with Adam, and Alex decides to take a run at Max head on. She barges into his office, unconstitutionally arrests him, and takes the opportunity to slam his head into a table.

Wipe that smirk off your face, a**hole. []
Finally. []
Sidebar: I know it was supposed to be shocking and sudden, but Kara getting snatched up by a flying blur in a wide shot of she and Adam kissing was ridiculous and hilarious, and when she did make it back to CatCo, literally no one asked any questions? They were all standing around worrying about her being straight-up kidnapped off the street by Supergirl, but when she walked in, no one asked if she was alright, no one wanted to know what had happened to her, she just asked to speak to Adam, who immediately guessed they were breaking up, and that was the whole scene?

After the Bizarro clone is disfigured, but supercharged by Kryptonite, she goes after James as revenge against Kara. The DEO realizes that she is in fact not a clone of Kara’s, but a mirror image. By engineering reverse Kryptonite, they are able to take her down, but not before James confesses his love for Kara. It’s unclear whether or not Kara heard him.

The girl is put back into the comatose state she was originally in, with hopes that the DEO will be able to revive the original girl in a way ordinary medicine could not. It’s tragic, but Kara promises the girl she’ll be by her side when she wakes up someday.

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