Synopsis: After Rayna transfers her Huntress duties to Bonnie, Bonnie has to fight her new instincts so she doesn’t kill her friends. Meanwhile, her friends search for a solution that leads them right back to the big bad in the Armory.


Last week, Rayna saved Bonnie by donating her last life (tied to the final Everlasting tribe member) to her. Unbeknownst to Damon and crew, that transfer also meant that Bonnie had to take up the Huntress mantle.

This week, Bonnie’s stuck in a coma while she transitions into Rayna 2.0. As she’s battling internally against her new instincts, each member of Team Mystic Falls enters her head to try and convince her not to transform.

When Caroline enters, she realizes that all of Bonnie’s fond memories of vampires are being rewritten (Eternal Sunshine style) to include nasty, vicious vampires. Caroline tries to convince Bonners to keep fighting the good fight, but Bonaroo isn’t having it. Instead, she stakes Caroline in her dream state, shoving Caroline out of her head.

Unfortunately for Caroline, Bonnie’s dream staking caused a very real Hunter’s Mark to appear on her chest, and when Bonnie wakes up, she’ll have to run away just like Stefan did.

Stefan kidnaps Caroline and tries to keep her moving and safe away from Bonnie, but Caroline refuses to abandon her family without talking to them first. After Ric is super supportive and offers to go on the run as a family, Caroline decides to leave with Stefan alone.

Next, Enzo goes into Bonnie’s head with little (but more) success. He also emerges with a Hunter’s Mark.

Finally, Damon gives it a shot – he takes a slightly different approach by infuriating Bonnie into accepting her Hunter nature and waking up. Afterward, Bonnie strikes out to chase Damon and kill him – a task which she attempts with assistance from Matt.

After a few dramatic chase scenes, Bonnie fails to capture Damon – Matt turns on her and tranquilizes her before she’s able to kill the brooding Salvatore brother part deux. Matt tries to chain Bonnie up until the team can come up with a long term solution, but Bonnie escapes.

Meanwhile, Damon decides to go into the locked Armory and face the Really Horribly Bad Thing that Bonnie locked up in order to kill the final Everlasting and sever the link between Bonnie and the Huntress.

So we'll see how that goes. [tvafterdark]
So we’ll see how that goes. [tvafterdark]

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