First My Family has once again partnered up with AMC’s The Walking Dead to provide fans and disaster preparedness enthusiasts with a branded Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit (ZPAK). We previously reviewed The Walking Dead survival kit for two from First My Family and were given the opportunity to check out the latest offering!

Like the survival kit, the only real Walking Dead branding comes from the carrying case that the supplies are delivered in – but that’s hardly a disappointment, as the packaging for the ZPAK is a sturdy 32 oz custom Nalgene that is BPA free and made in the U. S. A. Shown in the image at the top of this article, the water bottle is branded with the ZPAK logo, as well as The Walking Dead logo and random blood spatters.

The ZPAK itself contains:

  • 1 Custom Carabiner. Not designed for professional climbing.
  • 1 5-1 Emergency Whistle with compass, flint, signal mirror, and carrying case.
  • 1 Emergency Mylar Space Blanket to keep you warm during harsh conditions.
  • 1 Emergency Poncho to keep you dry.
  • 1 12-Hour Glow Stick to light up the darkness.
  • 10 Medical Grade bandages.

FullSizeRender (3)

The orange 5-in-1 emergency whistle might be the neatest thing in this kit. The compass is located on the bottom, the flint along the side, and once unscrewed, the mirror is on the bottom inside (resting on opposite side of the compass). The whistle is loud and the nylon lanyard might end up being an unexpected help in an emergency situation. With the cap screwed on, the carrying case inside is waterproof to hold matches or whatever else you want to add to your kit that could fit inside the whistle.

Everything else is standard, the blanket, the poncho, the bandages, and the glow stick. The carabiner (not pictured) is attached to the top of the Nalgene bottle and, while not used for climbing, is strong and solid enough to clip onto bags and hold the full water bottle in place. It is gray and branded with First My Family.

[First My Family]
While not as inclusive as the survival kit that is meant to sustain someone for 72 hours – for obvious reasons – the ZPAK would still make a convenient addition to any preparedness packs. It could also be useful on camping or hiking trips, anything that has you outside for long periods of time. Personally, I am going to put it in my car for the winter, in case of any emergencies. The blanket especially could come in handy.

I wish the entire ZPAK, Nalgene bottle and all, came inside another pouch – another opportunity for First My Family and AMC to give fans another piece of exclusive The Walking Dead merchandise – because I want to use the water bottle on a daily basis, but in order to do so, I’ll need to empty it of the rest of its contents. A pouch would keep the rest of the ZPAK together and easy to grab and go.

My second complaint is one that Katie echoed in her first review: water purification tablets. As the ZPAK is packaged inside a water bottle, it would be nice to have a few water purification tablets for when natural water sources can be utilized. There is definitely space in the kit to throw a few of those in.

Final Verdict: The Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit would make a great addition to a camping kit or car emergency kit. The ZPAK appears to be best suited to surviving while alerting people to your presence with the glow stick, signal mirror, and flint. Of course, this isn’t the best strategy in the zombie apocalypse, but for all other emergency sitations, pick up your very own ZPAK today to be prepared for tomorrow.

The official AMC The Walking Dead Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit is $29.95 and can be purchased on the First My Family website.


First My Family LLC (FMF) started as an idea 8 years ago on the premise that everyone should be prepared for a disaster and that it will always be your family that comes firstFirst My Family.

FMF is a family owned business dedicated to providing the highest quality and greatest value of disaster preparedness supplies in the market.  FMF specializes in in building custom kits for corporations and has a specific focus on building a kit that will meet your needs. Founders of FMF Angie and Andrew Torres have over 36 years of combined experience in emergency management, crisis response and medical care.


A Zombie Preparedness Apocalypse Kit (ZPAK) was provided by My Family First in exchange for a fair and honest product review. Nerdophiles was in no way compensated for this review. Our opinions are ours and ours alone.

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