Synopsis: Emma learns that the latest prime suspect is someone close to her.

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With all the debate about who the killer is and how many killers there are, after this episode I’m thinking it would be pretty crazy if there were multiple killers, but they weren’t working together. That actually hasn’t been done in this franchise.

Piper is a pretty obvious prime suspect, but she didn’t show up until after the murders started. Jake positively oozes creep, but we already know the messed up stuff he’s into. And they’ve never even met. So, what if they’re BOTH killers, following the same psycho urge for different reasons, completely independent of each other?

That would honestly be so freaking cool. Double booking serial killers. I love it. And it’s totally plausible – for the moment.

But I digress. This week wasted no time bouncing to a new suspect for each scene, with hashtags to match. We discussed Mr. Branson’s computer being the origin of the webcam malware, and learned that isn’t even his real name. Noah pointed out though, he could have just been a pawn, and might not even know the malware is on his computer, and that there are plenty of reasons someone might not go by their given name.

Like maybe a charge in another state for sleeping with high school students? [MTV]
Like maybe a charge in another state for sleeping with high school students? [MTV]
Audrey was called in for questioning, being the last one to see Rachel alive. And because her DNA was found on the mask. She called Emma in a panic to demand that Emma destroy a video implicating her. Emma got to the video in time and covered for her, but Audrey could still be lying about what happened after the video stops.

It’s clever the way they presented Emma’s clouded judgment. She even dreams of herself as the killer under the mask. This is presumably because of her guilt, and her fear that by allowing Nina to make the video of Audrey and Rachel, she set the whole thing in motion. This, whether intentional or not, starts to position her as an unreliable narrator. Which could be very interesting from here on out.

We just don't know. [MTV]
We just don’t know. [MTV]
She was so convinced that Audrey, who she feels responsible to, couldn’t have killed anyone, she covered for her even after seeing damning evidence. She tells her friends everything the killer says and continues to take his calls.

It’s possible that Emma is not seeing things for what they are.

I don’t actually know if the show will go that way, it’s not explicitly from her perspective, but it would be really compelling at the end of the season to flashback to events she witnessed and discover they are not what they looked like.

On the more redeeming side of things, Will finally decided extortion wasn’t worth the trouble, and gave the mayor back his money and his video – while letting Piper overhear.

Afterwards they were attacked by the killer. Will was stabbed and dragged away, but Piper was left behind unhurt.

From next week’s promo, it seems the point was to use Will as bait for Emma, but I’m wondering, as we all are, why the killer left Piper alone? The mayor walked away but we know he was there – could it have been him?

That doesn't actually make much sense. But that's why it's great. [MTV]
That doesn’t actually make much sense. But that’s why it’s great. [MTV]
It would certainly lend credence to the video of him putting a dead body in his freezer.

Oh yeah, and we also learned that legendary, disfigured, serial murderer Brandon James may not have been a killer at all.

So many questions, so few answers. The way a murder mystery should be.

Like WTF is this? [MTV]
Like WTF is this? [MTV]
Body Count: 5

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