Synopsis 03×03: Liv consumes the brain of a murdered lifestyle guru and takes on his Zen approach to life; Ravi’s former boss, Katty Kupps, gets closer to uncovering the truth; Blaine and Peyton grow their budding friendship, much to Ravi’s dismay, and Major struggles a bit at his new job. 

This episode was quite the emotional roller coaster!

Major struggles with his mercenary training and realizes he might have bitten off more than he can chew. On top of it all, Major has to adjust to eating mashed up blended brains, which is kind of a good thing because even though the brains taste like crap they don’t come with any visions or personality traits. Despite losing his confidence, he does become friends with Justin, a fellow zombie and mercenary trainee who manages to give him the hope and support he needs.

Peyton finds herself spending more and more time with Blaine at the bar where Blaine plays the piano and sings (so unusual, I know!). Meanwhile, a lifestyle guru was murdered while meditating and you guessed it, Liv eats his brain and becomes overly calm and positive.

Ravi is going through it with his emotions for Peyton and he has to put up with his former boss from the CDC, Katy, who comes back around again and this time not only is she close to revealing the truth about zombies, she is weirdly flirting with Ravi too.

Ravi finally builds enough courage to talk to her in person. But things don’t go as expected, Peyton doesn’t run into Ravi’s arms and beg for his forgiveness. Instead she basically gives Ravi the cold shoulder. Ravi tells Peyton he realizes how much he overreacted and that he knows she didn’t sleep with Blaine while they were together. But it doesn’t matter what Ravi says, Peyton just isn’t having it! Peyton tells Ravi she had no idea who Blaine was previously at the time she slept with him. She only knew the guy who wanted to testify and make a difference.

After Ravi leaves Peyton goes to see Blaine and finds him talking to Angus. Blaine is trying to figure out who Angus is and why he is asking about money. It’s obvious Blaine didn’t know who Angus was because of his memory loss, Peyton helps fill the gaps though. Blaine suddenly wants to reconnect with his father, but Angus brings up a story from Blaine’s past about him stealing from his mother instead and states that the sight of Blaine made him sick. What a real crappy thing to say and admit to your own flesh and blood, right?

Liv and Clive go searching around town trying to figure out who killed the lifestyle guru. As it happens, it’s a pretty simple case and easily solved when a homeless person helps point out the suspect.

Here’s the sad part, Major finds himself coughing uncontrollably. So… we all know what that means, he’s dying (I know, I’m not happy about it either folks!). Major pays Blaine a visit to ask him questions and to see if he can help in any other capacity. Major goes on and pretends things are fine, he continues his mercenary training, and finally passes the test he was struggling with.

He invites Justin over for a Dance, Dance, Revolution celebration. Liv walks in and Major has her join in on the fun while he goes to reload on snacks. That’s when we see Major have another cough attack. On his way back to the living room to join Liv and Justin, Major has the biggest cheesiest smile of admiration on his face. But, it’s easily wiped away as he realizes he’s dying and won’t be able to partake in moments like this anymore.

Ravi finally checks Major out and claims he only has weeks, maybe less before he has to take the cure and suffer memory loss. Ravi has been working on a memory loss serum, but it’s not ready yet and Liv doesn’t want Ravi to give it to Major.

So naturally, they ask Blaine to take it! Peyton freaks and begs them to reconsider. Ravi gets upset and pleads with Peyton to let Blaine make his own decision and basically begs Blaine to take the serum in a semi-aggressive way. Rightfully so, Blaine takes the serum because it’s the best thing he can do for the group at this point. After all, he is the reason Major is a zombie. 

Peyton pays Ravi a visit later that night and they finally have a heart to heart and make up, sealing it all with a kiss. Unfortunately though, a glass breaks and Peyton realizes someone else is in the house. Ravi tries to stop Peyton, but it’s too late she already sees Katy (Ravi’s former boss) in nothing but Ravi’s dress shirt. Peyton starts crying and storms out. Ravi’s heart breaks all over again. 

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