Scream: Ghosts Recap

Synopsis: Emma is shaken by another death; and uncovers a secret from the past. Rating: ★★★★☆ I’m having a little trouble swallowing the final sequence of this episode. Noah and Audrey finally discovered Mr. Branson’s former identity, including how he disappeared from his former life after a suspicious murder, and then they […]

Scream: Betrayed Recap

Synopsis: Emma learns that the latest prime suspect is someone close to her. Rating: ????? With all the debate about who the killer is and how many killers there are, after this episode I’m thinking it would be pretty crazy if there were multiple killers, but they weren’t working together. That actually […]

Scream: Exposed Recap

Synopsis for: When a scandalous video is leaked, Emma learns a heartbreaking secret. Rating: ????? So a few weeks ago I complained that Scream wasn’t moving it’s plot forward quick enough. I said it was trying to make the beats of a 90-minute movie fill an entire TV season. I take it […]