Synopsis: The parents suspect that the Doctors are targeting teens who have received transplants from particular donors. Kira’s kitsune spirit gets out of control, and the gang have violent hallucinations while the Doctors kidnap Liam and Hayley.

Rating: ★★★☆

After Liam realized Hayden was a chimera last week, he does what any good friend would do and goes half-wolf on her to prove his credibility. Understandably freaked out, Hayden punches Liam in the face and flees in her car.

Later, the car won’t start, the radio starts chanting Hayley’s name and ‘condition improves’ in the Doctors’ voices, the doors lock, and the Doctors start meandering toward the stranded girl. Luckily, Liam stalked Hayley to her latest location and rescues her from her dreaded fate. For now.

In the meantime, Theo and Stiles hide the body of Theo’s chimera victim and the two lie about how he died to stay in Scott’s good graces. They construct an elaborate plan to keep the body at the school so they can see who is stealing the chimera corpses (hint: it’s Parrish) and hopefully trap the Doctors by disrupting their machine frequencies.

Kira’s been acting strange for the past few weeks, and after a sparring match with her mother, where Kira shatters her mother’s sword and nearly kills her, Kira’s mom decides to try and reign in the kitsune spirit. While she gets her rogue spirit sorted out, she’s decided to bow out of the Doctors investigation.

After some acupuncture, we find that Kira’s treatment didn’t work – she’s fled her room and spelled out the number ‘115’ in acupuncture needles on her bedroom wall. She then proceeds to impale Scott with a sword in her kitsune state at the high school, which may or may not be a hallucination.

The adults this week did most of the heavy plot lifting. The sheriff and Melissa found a medical connection between the chimera victims: they were all recipients of organ transplants.

The gang and Hayden end up camping out at the high school with the chimera body while Stiles and Theo stakeout the school in the car and discuss the morality of murder. Oh, and we also see in a flashback that Theo stood by and watched while his sister died from hypothermia in the creek. Which makes his promises to watch Stiles’ back like he should have watched his sister’s that much more hollow.

Anyway, Parrish has a fantasy of he and Lydia hooking up in his police car before it turns into a nightmare where he’s burned Lydia, who continues to kiss him even though the flesh is barbecued off her face. #yum

Back inside the school, Malia gets trapped in large wolf-traps (which may or may not be a hallucination), Scott gets stabbed by Kira (hallucination?), and Tracy rips out Lydia’s tongue. Any of which could be hallucinations the Doctors planted to kidnap Hayley and Liam.

Needless to say, the frequency jamming plan did not work. But hey, we did get to see Theo get firepunched in the face by Parrish and hear my new catchphrase ‘[I’m] on a frequency you can’t possibly imagine.’ So really everyone’s a winner this week.

Well, except kidnapped Hayden and Liam. And Momma McCall, who walks in the house after a long day at work to find an impaled body in the middle of her living room floor. #Doesn’tMatchTheCurtains

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