So the new full two minute trailer for Game of Thrones was released today (actually last night, a cam version was already leaked from the IMAX screening), and we’ve all got April 12th marked on our calendars. G.R.R. Martin announced today that we wouldn’t be getting The Winds of Winter in 2015 just yet. Instead we’ll be getting a compendium this October of the prequel short stories The Hedge KnightThe Sworn Sword, and The Mystery Knight.

I guess we’ll have to have that and Season Five to tide us over. As the books and the show diverge further and further from one another, so many things in the trailer not only answer some questions that long time fans have had, but also raise more suspicions.

The trailer flashes through a ton of scenes that show all new shots of Dorne and the Sand Snakes, Tyrion and Varys in what looks like Pentos, flashbacks to a young Cersei in her scene with Maggy the Frog, Margaery marrying Tommen, Rhaegal breathing fire, Jaime and Bron in Dorne, Arya entering the House of Black and White, Sansa and Petyr Baelish seem to have left the Eyrie in seeking revenge, chaos in the streets, all set to a cover of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ (which, I’m not sure I’m the biggest fan of?)

I’m sure more fan theories will crop up as we continue to replay this all up until April (or until the next trailer drops), but as for now this is what we have to go off of. What do you guys think? What are you the most excited to see?

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