Synopsis of 1×13: It’s the season finale. The asteroid is on it’s way and many lives will be changed. Dr. Fields returns and Evie takes a solo journey in this episode of No Tomorrow.

We meet at last at the end. The season finale. The possible end of the world. As Voldemort was sworn in as President, the heavens opens and rain poured down and…

Sorry, wrong End of the World! I meant the fictional End of the World, the one that some might say feels preferable, but I digress. This is the final episode of No Tomorrow. After 13 episodes, the CW didn’t order anymore. So the ending is as cute as one would expect, though it was rather bittersweet.

Last we met, Evie is still on her way to Reykjavik sans Xavier. Xavier was drugged and halfway to Houston (I was personally hoping for something much more juicy in this plot line, like Jesse was actually a secret agent as the terms of his jail release. Once again, I digress).

Because Evie seems to be some sort of hot-science-guy-magnet, she befriends Graham, another good-looking man of facts. A doctor in fact. A Doctor without Borders to be more precise. The writers could not have made it more on the nose that this was the man for Evie. Graham is cute, funny, smart, kind, charitable, and did I mention cute? He’s the perfect match-up of both Timothy and Xavier.

Throughout her trip, Evie and Graham keep running into each other. At the hotel, at restaurants, at the Northern Lights. It seems like Graham was the one fated to see the Aurora Borealis with Evie, not Xavier.

But Evie has grown up. She doesn’t believe in fate anymore. She believes in personal responsibility for one’s actions and destiny. So ignoring all the signs from Hot Doctor Graham, she enjoys a completely solo journey. Like Eat, Pray, Love, Evie takes a white-girl journey to self love and personal happiness.

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After her solo epiphanies, she goes on a less than stellar job interview. And in the process, she received an offer she can’t refuse. Something that will turn her whole life upside down.

And it turns out she’s not the only one with life changing news. Deirdre goes bonkers over her new health initiative: no soda in the warehouse. Kareema takes this as the opportunity to open her own business as a soda providing speakeasy.

Of course, Hank can’t resist the goodness that is liquid high fructose corn syrup. When Deidre finds out she flips her lid. But then Hank, completing his character arc, stands up to her and calls her out. What’s going on, because it’s more than just the soda. Turns out Deirdre is on a health kick because Hank and her have to live a long time. She’s pregnant. And Hank is the Poppa Bear. Both are ecstatic. And I am too.

Timothy, after outing Xavier to Dr. Fields, has a trip of his own. A mind-altering trip. Basically, he and his hot new boss/girlfriend take drugs and tune out. Timothy learns that he wants to date Hot Boss, and start up his old band with Hank. And Hank, on a sugar high, agrees.

This episode is like the final Lord of the Rings. There are several false endings. One of them involves the gang listening to Finger and the Band, featuring Hank and Timothy.&

The second involves Evie and Xavier having one last apocalyst fling. After all this time and all they’ve learned about each other, they realize that maybe they have a higher calling. Xavier needs to save the world using math and his beloved PowerPoint. And Evie needs to finally strike out on her own, using everything she’s learned from Xavier about seizing the day and being unafraid of where life may take her.

And life is taking her to the Philippines. I guess Evie and Xavier were always meant to be Star-crossed lovers. And anyone in an actual long-term relationship could have told you that they could have never worked out (Me. I’m talking about me. I told you that. Many many times.)

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The final ending is a split scene. Evie boards a plane to the Philippines and her seat mate is none other than Hot Doctor Graham. Turns out Evie’s new job is a coordinator for Doctors Without Borders. I guess fate (and in some ways Xavier) have stepped into Evie’s life once more.

The split scene is that of Dr. Field’s breaking Voldemort’s gag order to announce science to the world… whoops, sorry, mixing up my Apocalypses again.

Anyway, the gang is hanging out at a bar when Dr. Fields announces the oncoming asteroid. Xavier was right all along. How will the gang handle this news? No one knows, since the show is over.

Final thoughts:

What intrigued me about this show was the rom-com aspect and the fact that Joshua Sasse is ridiculously good-looking. Like seriously, criminally good-looking. And has an accent.

But after a few episodes, I was less-enthused. The deconstruction of rom-com tropes happened far too late in the game. And Xavier’s toxic male antics were just subtle enough to turn me off of his rugged beard and sexy beanie.

If I was friends with Evie, I would have told her to run from that guy as soon as he announced that he was deceptively poly. My poly friends are upfront with that info, and Xavier should have been too. As we learned throughout the show, Xavier was hiding so much more than his preferred relationship lifestyle. And it wasn’t sexy. The writers kept trying to make Xavier work. And he didn’t.

Their relationship was the crux of the show. The side characters of Timothy, Hank, Deidre, and Kareema were far more interesting. I would watch at least 2 seasons of Hank and Deidre raising a baby in a bunker, with Aunt Kareema and Uncle Finger.

But nothing about this show really reached its potential. And for that reason, I’m not sad to see it go. Tori Anderson and Joshua Sasse both deserve better roles. And the CW offers better quality shows (coughCrazyExGirlfriendcough). So let’s just let this one fall away quietly, unlike Xavier’s asteroid. Besides, we have our own Apocalypse to focus on.

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