When people started talking about getting tickets to the first movie showing in their local theatres today just so they could see the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer I almost panicked. Did that mean they wouldn’t release it online? I tried to pretend that I didn’t care. I tried to play it cool. But inside my inner child was screaming. I’m not going to lie: I was debating going to see any movie on Friday morning just for the chance to see it.

Thankfully, it released online.

I’ll let you watch it first before I start freaking out about it.


Are you freaking out? Because I’m freaking out. Every time I watch this damn trailer I get chills. As soon as the camera catches the Rebel emblem on Oscar Isaac’s helmet as he pilot’s an X-Wing I’m pretty much done. Then there’s the supposed Sith lord with the lightsaber. But really it’s the John William’s score and the Millennium Falcon that get me every single time.

The second that happens I am all smiles.

I know, I know. Some parts of this trailer may bring about some criticisms.

The narrator’s dialogue is super cheesy. I’m not entirely sure how that ball-shaped design is in any way practical for an Astromech droid. (Though, it is admittedly more mobile than R2-D2 was.) And everyone and their mother seems to have chimed in with comments about the Sith lord’s laser¬†crossbar on the hilt of his lightsaber. (I’d worry about him cutting his own hand off if someone on Reddit hadn’t commented that the crossbar looked like it belonged to someone who was worried about having their hand cut off. Dun Dun DUNNNN.)

Despite all that… this is Star Wars.

It feels like Star Wars.

I can’t say that this minute-and-a-half long trailer is any indication of where this trilogy is going. It certainly looks like it pulls more from the original trilogy than the prequel trilogy. Will it be more like the former than the latter? I hope so. But, honestly, it doesn’t matter. It’s going be Star Wars. No matter how divisive it is – and how much we’ve sacrificed by eliminating the pre-existing Extended Universe – this is going to be Star Wars.

And, honestly, I can’t wait.

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