Ah, it’s Thanksgiving, that time to reunite with your families, enjoy good food, and appreciate the things that we’re most thankful for in this world. If only your family didn’t like to watch bullshit like the Official Corporate Empire Glorification Parade or whatever sportball game is supposed to be a big deal. What’s a nerdophile to do in times like these? Look no further than the Annual MST3K Turkey Day Marathon, the all-day stream of the classic science fiction so-bad-its-good movie commentary show.

This marathon used to be a tradition back when Mystery Science Theater 3000 was on television, when the rights to all the episodes actually belonged to the same network. Now that the various old movies that MST3K lampoons are owned by a variety of companies, it’s simultaneously extremely easy and extremely hard to get your hands on the show – many of the episodes are freely available on Youtube, while many others are nearly impossible to find. But all bets are off for the Thanksgiving Marathon, which show creator Joel Hodgson revived on the internet a few years ago, and any episode is game regardless of rights ownership.

Watch it right here. And if you’re not into MST3K, why not watch tonight’s Elementary Thanksgiving special, or watch the Hearthstone DreamHack Winter Tournament? Or, you know, talk to your aunt or something.


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