Synopsis for 3×05: Troy’s mission goes awry, Nick and Alicia try to sort out their places on Broke Jaw Ranch, and Daniel’s in for a surprise.

An old woman dies in her sleep and without her dentures in, she can’t do much damage to her husband. Instead, he shoots them both in the head and their falling bodies knock down a lamp, setting their whole place on fire. It’s unfortunate, as he was one of the founders of Broke Jaw Ranch and his absence is keenly felt.

The next morning, Madison is packing for her trip. Neither of her kids want her to go, but she believes it’s safer to get closer to the Ottos and ends up riding shotgun with Troy.

Having left the dam to Lola for the time being, Daniel and Strand are in his car arguing about going through a group of the dead. Strand hints at the fact that Ofelia might not be at the hotel, which pisses Daniel off and he insists they go straight through the group.

After being snippy with him at breakfast, Alicia goes to apologize to Jake. She didn’t realize how close he’d been to the couple that died. When he questions if she’s okay, she kisses him and they end up having sex. Afterwards, he tries to give her a Bukowski book to read and she bluntly tells him that she doesn’t see the point of poetry or reading anymore.

On their drive, Troy notices a bunch of dead prisoners on the side of the road. It’s a detour no one except Madison wants to take, so they all end up stopping. No guns are used and Madison ends up impressing some of the more skeptical guys on the team once they see her in action.

Nick decides to clean up the house that burned down, which eventually attracts Jeremiah. He tells Nick about his son and his relationship with Russell, the dead man whose house they’re building back up together. Nick tells him about his dad, who was a contractor and taught him most of what he’s putting into practice. Jeremiah then tells Nick to consider what he wants, not what Madison and Luciana expect from him.

When they get to the crash site of the helicopter, Troy and his men realize someone hauled the helicopter away already. He warns Madison that the next flight will be with the living and she sympathizes with his philosophy that there should be an eye for an eye.

Strand asks Daniel how he escaped the fire, but Daniel doesn’t know. In turn, Daniel asks him why he left the hotel and doesn’t believe him when he says he was brokering a deal with Dante. Fed up with Daniel’s empty threats, Strand tells him to kill him at their pitstop if he really wants to. Of course, he doesn’t and the continue on to the hotel. Unfortunately, when they finally get there, they find the gate wide open and no guard on duty…

At outpost alpha, Troy’s group finds it abandoned, though there are signs of a bloody struggle around. Eventually, the find the pile of charred, dead bodies and McCarthy scalped with a crow picking at his brain. Madison puts him out of his misery before another man surprises them and reveals that he has them surrounded. Walker takes their weapons and shoes, sending them off with water at Madison’s urging, and a message: they’re to leave Broke Jaw Ranch and give the land back or else.

Jake tries to show Alicia the good in the ranch, but she doesn’t seem convinced. At the same time, Nick set up a picnic for Luciana and tells her all about the house he’s fixing up. They’d argued that morning about leaving and she seems to come to a decision while they’re star-gazing. Nick wakes up to find that she left him a note.

Troy’s men want to stop before getting to the ranch because their feet are cut up and bloodied, but Troy’s hearing none of it. Madison argues with him, overstepping her role, and the ultimately decide to rest until morning. In the night, Troy holds a knife to Madison’s throat, but can’t kill her before he runs off again. Another of Troy’s men witnesses this and simply turns his back to her.

In the morning, they continue the hard journey back to Broke Jaw Ranch.

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