Arrow: City of Heroes Recap (2×01)

Synopsis: After failing to stop Malcom Merlyn from destroying The Glades, which resulted in the death of hundreds, including his friend Tommy, Oliver is reluctant to become ‘The Hood’ again. But it seems that he may have no choice when copycat vigilantes kidnap his sister Thea.

Rating: ★★★★☆

In the start of the new season Felicity is not too happy about having to parachute with Diggle from a rickety old plane onto Lian Yu (the island that Oliver was trapped on for 5 years). It doesn’t get much better for her when she steps on a landmine as they wander through the forest. But not to fear for Tarzan is here! And by that I mean a shirtless Oliver swinging from a tree and carrying Felicity to safety before the explodes.

Welcome back Oliver Queen. You and your abs have been missed.
Welcome back Oliver Queen. You and your abs have been missed.

Oliver takes them back to what was his base last time he was one the island.  He tells them both that he isn’t coming back to Starling City since he failed to stop Malcolm from destroying The Glades. Diggle and Felicity still try to convince him to come back for the sake of his family and for the family business, which is about to be taken over by a rival company.

In a flashback (I almost forgot about how much this show loves its flashbacks) Oliver, Slade and Shado find out that although they stopped Fyres they’re still not alone on the island.

Aww young love. Ain't it just the cutest.
Aww young love. Ain’t it just the cutest.

Oliver takes a trip around The Glades and sees the aftermath of the earthquake. Meanwhile Thea and Roy are about to get in on, in the club which Thea has taken over the club since Oliver’s been away. She discovers that he’s hurt from another night “defending” The Glades. She doesn’t like how he’s putting himself at risk while he defends his actions and says that someone has to look after the city like The Hood does. Before they can continue fighting Oliver walks in, completely dismisses Roy, who then leaves, and talks to Thea. He tries to convince her to visit their mother in jail but Thea refuses.

During a speech by the mayor at a charity benefit, which Laurel’s attending, a group of copycat hooded figures kill him and attack the other guests. They almost kill the district attorney but Laurel defends her new boss only to have a gun pointed at her face. Fortunately she isn’t shot. Oliver finds her there and after she talks to her concerned, and demoted, father, they talk. Laurel tells him that she doesn’t want them to get back together.

The four ‘Hoods’ aren’t too happy that their mission is overshadowed on TV by Oliver’s return home. Their hatred for the Queen family’s involvement in The Undertaking makes them determined to take down Oliver.

Roy tells Thea that he thinks that he thinks she should visit her mother but she doesn’t want to because she wants to hurt her.

Oliver's first day at work doesn't go too smoothly what with masked criminals trying to gun him down.
Oliver’s first day at work doesn’t go too smoothly what with masked criminals trying to gun him down.

At the board meeting with Isabel Roshvec (Summer Glau) things are cut short when ‘The Hoods’ make an unexpected appearance. Everyone manages to get away okay but Diggle and Felicity aren’t impressed that Oliver do anything to stop them even though he could have. But Oliver isn’t ready to be the hood again as he doesn’t want to “dishonour” Tommy’s memory.

In another flashback Oliver, Shado and Shade go out to investigate the island but when Shado goes off by herself the two men hear gunshots and when they try to find her she’s gone. Back in the present Oliver visits his mom in jail.

You'd better be scared Mister, because Oliver is gonna kick your ass for taking his sister
You’d better be scared Mister, because Oliver is gonna kick your ass for taking his sister

The four Hoods head to Verdant seeking Oliver again and when they don’t find him they start shooting. Roy tries to stop them but they take Thea and manage to escape. Oliver takes things in his own hands and finally decides to put the hood back on.

In another flashback the strangers on the island have Shado and they keep asking her where the grave is, resorting to violence when she doesn’t. Ignoring Shadow’s command Oliver goes after one of her captives and kills him.

Look who's out of retirement
Look who’s out of retirement

In an abandoned church the four Hoods have Thea tied up. She defends her mother when they accuse her of killing their families in The Glades. Donned in his green Hood and armed with his arrows Oliver comes and rescues her. Instead of killing the criminals he captures them and gives them over to Quentin Lance to take care of as he’s decided to no longer kill.

Oliver visits Tommy’s grave and Laurel’s there too. They both agree that although they can’t be together they’ve been through too much to not be in each other’s lives. It’s all going so well but then Laurel reveals her loathing of The Hood and her desire to find him and bring him to justice for being the catalyst for all the bad things in Starling City.

What a lovely mother, daughter moment.
What a lovely mother, daughter moment.

Thea visits her mom in jail for the first time and tells her that she doesn’t hate her. They cry. They hug. They thankfully don’t get shot.

In the next scene Oliver manages to save his company with the help of Walter Steele (and I am so happy that he’s back).

In the closing minutes of the episode Roy sees a woman being attacked by a group of men in The Glades and he tries to stop him but he’s too hurt to do much but that’s okay because a stranger flies in and beats them all up in a matter of seconds before disappearing into the night. Meanwhile Oliver decides that if he, Diggle and Felicity are going to continue defending Starling City it’ll be about honouring Tommy.

Also Oliver decides that his alter ego needs a new name.

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