Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Jake and Sophia (2×06)

Summary: After several failed dating attempts, Jake hits it off with a woman named Sophia, who turns out to be a defense attorney. Diaz tries to make Santiago run for Union Rep. Charles and Gina fight over who gets to stay in a room they booked before they broke it off.

Rating: ★★★½☆☆

Are Jake Peralta’s lonely days over? Maybe, if this episode is to be believed.

The night before a big case goes to court, Jake laments the fact that his dating life has been going nowhere to Terry. Terry gives Jake the advice that he needs to find common ground with someone when talking to them about their lives. For Terry and his wife, it’s Meatloaf. The singer, not the food. I swear, I now want to hear Terry sing ‘I Would Do Anything For Love.’ You know he’d kill it.

Jake ends up taking Terry’s advice and meets a woman named Sophia (Eva Longoria) at the bar. They connect over their mutual love of wings (the food, not the band or show) and end up having sex after going home, watching Die Hard and failing to play ping pong. Things seem to be going pretty well for Jake!

…Until he finds out that the woman is the defense attorney on the case Jake is involved in.

Welp. [FOX]
Welp. [FOX]
I’ll just skip ahead to what Terry called at the end of the episode: despite the two being at each other’s throats for most of the episode, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Longoria does an amazing job of playing a woman who’s similar to Jake, that can bounce off of him and drive him crazy. It makes all of their scenes extremely fun to watch. Longoria is signed on for at least two more episodes, so I’m interested in seeing where the series takes them. Especially if being highly competitive at ping pong and making references to Die Hard during sex is involved.

In the b-plot, there’s a whole lot of lady and POC support going on, even if Amy doesn’t want it. Rosa is determined to get someone else to be the 99’s union rep because Scully has had the job for twelve years and he’s TERRIBLE at it. She encourages Amy to run and even puts her in the race, but Amy refuses because she doesn’t want to kill her chances of being captain because of potential clashes with her superiors. Holt cannot officially get involved, but he does tell Amy in confidence to run for the job because she would be amazing at it and Holt is where he is now despite all his clashes with his superiors. The fact that Amy was initially entered without her consent bugs me a little, but I love the fact she gets the support that gives her confidence to take the campaign seriously. Pick Amy, dummies!

The third plot of Gina and Boyle fighting over who gets the room they were going to share a romantic night in doesn’t really add much to the plot besides showing how well Chelsea Peretti and Joe Lo Trugilo play off of each other. That, and the immense power play of Holt turning around in his chair. I do hope that we’ll see more of their parents though, but mostly because I love Steven Root a whole lot.

And not for nothing, but the hardest I laughed during this episode was in the pre-credits scene with the squad guessing why Amy is 76 seconds late for work. Andre Braugher is a gem given to all of us.

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