Synopsis of 2×02: With D’avin back on the team, the Killjoys return to the ruins of Old Town to hunt eight escaped convicts.



With the crew back together again, it’s off back to Old Town. “Wild, Wild Westerly” brings us back into the fray of Westerly and the damage on Old Town after the bombings. It’s an episode that brings back all of our season 1 favorites like Turin, Hills, Alvis, and Pawter.

Healing from being stabbed by Khlyen, Turin somehow managed to survive being attacked by Khlyen and reinstates D’avin as a RAC agents, saying he’s happy that the RAC is clean now. He acquiesces to Dutch’s request for a warrant inside of Old Town, which they’ll use to get back Alvis and Pawter. It’s only at the end of the episode that we discover Turin in the Badlands of Westerly, having taken over Lucy and drawn the team into a remote location. He tells them that the RAC is infested with Level Sixes and that he wants to find out what is going on. He can’t investigate it on his own and enlists the help of Dutch in order to find out just what is going on.


We get some more surprising news in the episode as it’s revealed that Pree was once a warlord. The biodome surrounding Old Town can also scan intruders, and reveals some pretty surprising news about Pree. They get knocked out and the four of them are held prisoner by Liam Jelco, the company goon, professional torturer, and “the dickiest dick who ever dicked.”

He issued the warrant on eight political prisoners who are miners. This mission not only brings them back into Old Town, but it reunites them with Pawter and Alvis. Getting back to The Royale, Pree’s surprised to find that it’s been taken over by someone named Gared. Dutch pretty quickly dispatches to breaking the guy’s leg and winning back The Royale.

While searching for their main target, Tarren Tighmon, they are lead to the facility where the prisoners were kept. Here they find a gas weapon that can instantly dehydrate and mummify people. Unsure of what to do with the bodies of the mummies, they pack one up and take it to Pawter, who might help them figure out what is going on. She’s holed up deep in Old Town, pretty much holding the place together with her two bare hands.

[Photo by: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)]
[Photo by: Ian Watson/Syfy/Killjoys II Productions Limited)]
She’s unfazed by the gruesome mummified body, but is unsure of what might have caused the reaction. She takes them to Hills who tells them that the gas that was used to suck all of the water out of the body is called the Aridity Solution and it was developed by the Company. Ahh, the Company, we can always depend on you guys to have the best of creepy bioweapons.

Pawter also tells them that Tighmon is a good friend of Alvis’ and that this might get them an in with the prisoners. Unfortunately it seems like Alvis is in kind of a dark place after the bombings. They manage to find Tighmon with his help, but Tighmon’s got a whole tank of the gas and intends to use it to get the families of the miners out of Old Town safely. Before he and Dutch can do anything about this, a drone flies in an kills Tighmon.

Pissed that Jelco killed Tighmon and angry that he considers the killjoys to basically be his assassins, she wants off of Westerly. He decides to make her public enemy number one by putting a bounty on her head. They manage to escape Old Town through the tunnel’s through Pree’s place, but leave Pree at the Royale.

Before they can get out, Alvis locks himself up with the gas and plans to gas Spring Hill for what they’ve done. Dutch and D’avin plead with him, but it’s no use. Johnny meets up with them just as Alvis unleashes the gas, he’s found out that Pawter and Hills have gone to Spring Hill in order to attempt to stop what’s happening in Old Town. Pawter can try and appeal to her mother and get the nine to come in and do something.

Realizing his mistakes, Alvis opens the chamber where he intended to release the gas and exposes it all to himself. Thankfully, D’avin busts in there with a gas mask and Dutch follows and they throw him into a huge tank of water to reverse the effects of the Aridity Solution, saving his life.

Meanwhile, Jelco is on a killing spree, as he shoots Hills point-blank when they arrive to Spring Hill and seemingly intends to keep Pawter prisoner there. He announces their plan with Old Town: to punish the rebels by starving them out and force Old Town to come crawling back to the company. Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny arrive with the empty tank and demand to be let out. They want to take Pawter and Hills (not knowing that he was killed), but Pawter comes out and reassures them that she can do more at Spring Hill.

Johnny gives her a lingering kiss good-bye, while also craftily planting a comms device behind her ear, before leaving. Smooth, Johnny Jaqobis. I’m sure there were simpler ways to plant the comms device, but you went for the gold. Doesn’t look like Pawter is going to be in Spring Hill for long, hopefully she finds a way to dethrone the dickiest dick who ever dicked.

Alvis, now having joined the crew, agrees to try and help Dutch figure out what happened at Arkyn with the scarbacks and D’avin’s implanted memories. And boy are we glad the whole gang is back together again.


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