Nothing like a good ole’ pagan sacrifice to get the juices flowing. Mainly, tears from my eyes because of what surpassed. I can’t handle this show sometimes, maybe it’s because of Athelstan’s terrifying new viking do, maybe it’s because of Lief’s hearbreaking sacrifice, maybe I’m just over emotional. Anyways, next week is the finale for season one, so this is basically the final breath before the plunge, and it looks like it’s all viking from here on out.

Well we’re basically thrown back into the town with Ragnar talking to someone, probably one of his Viking friends— O wait, just kidding it’s Athelstan! He’s got a new haircut and some viking beard things happening on his face. I’m not sure how I feel about this yet, which goes to say that I do not like it. Anyways, they must travel up to Uppsala to go speak to the gods and basically do all of their sacrificial things. It’s a night of doing as many narcotics and shrooms as you can get your hands on and then waking up to some clean and sober sacrificing. Fun times!

Of course, Athelstan has no idea and goes along. It seems he’s given up Christianity and chosen to take the path of the Nordic religion. Obviously we can see that he doesn’t have two feet in the water. He’s still rather new to all of the things that are happening, still experiencing new things, making new friends, and still turning back to his now-forgotten and crumbling bible. Little does Athelstan know, he’s actually being taken to Uppsala because he is going to be a sacrifice. It’s implied through out the episode, but he’s finally confronted with it by one of the priests, who questions first his loyalty to Odin and whether he’s renounced his god. After renouncing the Christian God three times (ooooo that’s going to have some biblical repercussions), he is told he’s to be sacrificed. After which he reveals that he’s still praying to his God.

Well his still strong Christian faith makes him an unworthy as a sacrifice and therefore someone must take his place. In a pretty depressing moment, Lief makes the choice to take his place. You remember Lief, he was the first to pledge fealty to Ragnar, despite already proving his loyalty. So yeah, saddest moment ever when he bravely takes Athelstan’s place. Especially since Floki and One Eye were both ready to do it as well. He’s got a super sad death moment, with a wonderful acapella woman singing in the background as King Horik killed him.

O yeah, King Horik. Well I was unaware that there was even an overruling king, but I guess there is? He’s come to Uppsala to perform the rites, but also to meet with Ragnar. Ragnar pledges his fealty to the king in order to join together and conquer more lands, one of them I’m assuming is France? Horik seems like he’s got some of his own intentions, but for now we trust him. Not long after they create a new alliance, he asks for Ragnar’s help to teach another Earl a lesson. To which Ragnar agrees.

This is of course, all news to Rollo. Since he’s been high and drunk off his ass, sleeping with other women when clearly he came with Siggy. Siggy is proving to be the clingy girlfriend to no one’s surprise, but she’s not an idiot and informs Rollo of his missed opportunities just as Rollo is about to say he doesn’t need her. Man, I love Rollo because he’s hot and everything, but he makes the worst decisions ever.

In family life, we see Ragnar and Lagertha’s relationship strained due to her recent miscarriage. Lagertha is still the loving wife, good mother, and strong leader that we’ve always known, but Ragnar is starting to stray. While Lagertha prays to Freyr for a son, no matter what it costs, Ragnar prays to Odin for him to guide him to someone who will bear him sons. Man, Ragnar. Just when I was starting to think you were a cut above the rest. I better not be disappointed in you in the finale, though by the looks of the promo, I may be.

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