Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Mole (2×05)

Summary: With the 99 under investigation by Internal Affairs, Holt is determined to make sure everything goes right. Peralta and Santiago find out Boyle and Gina’s secret. Diaz and Jeffords continue their investigation into Gigglepig.

Rating: ?????

I swear, this show surprises me in the best ways when I least expect it. For what could have been a rather innocuous plot, the character moments easily make this one of the best episodes of the series so far.

First of all, if anyone ever asks me why I think Andre Braugher was robbed of an Emmy, I’m just going to show them this episode. Between Holt’s rivalry with Madeline Wunch, wishing for people do be doing drugs at the silent disco Diaz and Jeffords are investigating, his majestic poem about how his life is falling apart, and his deductive reasoning skills that would put Sherlock Holmes to shame, everything Braugher does in this episode is completely on point and shows how much he has grown into the character of Holt as the series has progressed. Not to mention the slap he delivers Peralta to wake him up is a thing of beauty.

While Holt is the best part of this particular episode, he’s not the only good part. Peralta was also killing it in this episode with his complete rush to get files back from his apartment so he wouldn’t be suspected of being a mole by Internal Affairs lead off a hilarious chain of events between him figuring out that Boyle was sleeping with Gina, staying up all night with Holt trying to figure out who the mole is, and the final mic drop on Wunch. Two words: Dog braaaaaa.

Besides the performances from our two main leads, the episode also surprised me with the mature way it dealt with the two subplots. The first one had Jake and Amy finding out about Charles and Gina on accident. While Gina does cut off their relationship to prevent people from finding out, Amy tells her that it didn’t really feel like that big of a deal. This makes Gina own up to the situation and admit to the entire office that she had an affair with Charles. The worst it gets is a well delivered “What the hell?” from Jeffords, but I think that’s more of the fact she was standing on her desk in the middle of the day airing this stuff out. Otherwise, everyone’s life moves on as normal and Peralta tells Boyle that he’s proud of him for keeping a promise to a friend and for having a casual relationship for the first time in his life. Wow, a sitcom dealing with casual sex in a normal way. Who knew it was possible?

Gina "Olivia Popes" the situation. [FOX]
Gina “Olivia Popes” the situation. [FOX]
The second comes in the Gigglepig Task Force storyline for the episode. It’s a bit more understated since it’s just the first part of a building story, but it deals with Jeffords worrying about if his daughters will be able to go to a good school. This comes up because a woman they meet at the silent disco where Gigglepig is usually dealt went to the same pre-school Jeffords’ twins are at. Jeffords is impressed with how well adjusted she is, but it turns out that she’s one of the drug dealers they’re looking for. Not a high name dealer, but a dealer still. I have to admit, I rather liked that they had a dealer that was rather normal looking and refusing to do anything inhibiting because she needed to keep her mind clear while doing math. It feels more… true to life?

Anyway, I am interested to see where this Gigglepig storyline goes since it looks like it may involve the return of a certain character from last season in a few weeks.

This episode is a gift. If you’re a fan of B99, you deserve to watch this episode a million times. If you’re not, you also need to watch it a million times. It’s just that good.

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