The Following: For Joe (2×02)

Synopsis: Ryan’s obsession grows after the subway killings; and he’s brought face-to-face with a threat.

Rating: ★★★

So week two and I am at the edge of my seat again with The Following.

I love you. [unknown src @ tumblr]
I love you. [unknown src @ tumblr]

This episode died down the killing and gave us a closer look at how Joe has been fairing in the backwoods. We aren’t really sure why he’s there or what he’s planning, but it doesn’t take us long to realize that Joe’s killing days are not behind him.

We meet Judy (Carrie Preston, True Blood) and her daughter Mandy (Tiffany Boone), who have adopted Joe as “Uncle Daryl” into their household. But why? Don’t these people know that he’s literally a serial killer? Well it turns out Judy was a part of Joe’s fan club and wrote him in prison, but she was definitely not about the killing and has since tried to turn him off of it.

A lot of the episode is Joe denying himself and we do see a side of Joe that we only really saw with Joey, which is a caring father figure for Mandy. But of course, it takes the local reverend recognizing him for all the killing to come back. What can he do if not murder the man? He would have gone and called the police. So Joe orgasmically kills the reverend and now they have a body to deal with.


In the new cult, Mark and Luke go on another killing, killing the parents of a young child and locking the kid in a closet while they play dolls with the corpses. It’s pretty clear that Luke is dominant and Mark is much more docile but none the less dangerous. The two use the dead couple to lure Ryan to the house. It’s very much a game of cat and mouse and FBI aren’t happy that Ryan is working solo.

I’m not too sure about the new Agent Gina Mendez. While I’m certainly happy to see a woman of color in the role, she feels lacking in personality and a replacement for the awesome Agent Parker of Season 1. For gods sake they even look alike.

[unknown src @ tumblr]
[unknown src @ tumblr]
Soon Ryan finds out Lily Gray being followed by the two. He rushes to Lily’s art expo and saves her just in time, while also getting a bullet into Luke before they escape the scene. The FBI are once again late, and Mike just wants Ryan to join the task force again. The two’s bromance has been off kilter since the beginning of the season, and it’s clear it’s not a problem that’s going to be easily solved.

And then Emma finally gets in contact with Carlos and learns the truth. Joe might not be dead. Well, that changes everything,


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