It’s 2017 and let’s be real; nobody wants to actually wait a week to watch the next episode for any television show! Am I right? So naturally, I was automatically intrigued when Freeform decided to do something cool to kick off 2017 with Beyond; a new supernatural thriller show that premiered in January launching with a 2-hour pilot followed by simultaneously releasing all 10 episodes on several digital platforms like Hulu, On Demand, and the Freeform App. Of course I was totally into it (hi, my name is Saraciea and I’m a binger) and couldn’t wait to watch!

Beyond features a young man named Holden Matthews (played by Burkely Duffield) who wakes up from a 12-year coma and quickly discovers he has new abilities beyond this world (see what I did there).

The 2-hour season premiere takes place right before Holden’s accident that led to his coma. He and his best friend Kevin are enjoying a couple of beers and watching the meteor shower atop a water tower, chatting about future interactions with girls, and high school.

Just when Holden and Kevin are wrapping up the night, Kevin’s brother Jeff unexpectedly shows up fuming about the six-pack they stole from him. Jeff is ready to teach his little brother a lesson when Holden decides to stand up for his friend by hitting Jeff square in the face with his bike helmet. Realizing what he’d just done, Kevin tells Holden to run for it!

Without missing a beat, Holden takes off on his dirt bike with Jeff in pursuit. Luckily he manages to lose them in the woods, but hits branch and goes flying off his bike. Holden gets up and thinks he’s fine until strange things begin to happen like floating rocks, dirt, and branches. Next thing you know, Holden is staring into a bright light… and cue mysterious title of the show and fast-forward to the present!

It’s 12 years later and we pick up with Holden waking up in a hospital bed with a full on beard. The nurse and doctors notify his parents and they emotionally explain how long he’s been away from them. The doctor explains how according to Holden’s brain scans he’s fully functional, but he shouldn’t be after waking up from a prolonged coma.

Eventually, he passes all the tests the doctors give him and he is released from the hospital. He finds everything and everyone has changed, his parents, his not-so-young brother, Luke, and more. But nothing could’ve prepared him for what was to come next now that he was out of the hospital.

Soon, Holden discovers his dreams are haunted by images of fire, an old man, and a beautiful woman. And no matter what he finds he keeps waking up in the same woods where his accident took place. Strange things are happening all around Holden and he can’t help but want to find answers.

I was impressed with the first two episodes and how easy the plot was set up for me to follow. I definitely wanted to keep watching to find out what the heck was going on. I decided to watch all 9 episodes and save the finale for the weekly release on Freeform.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to binge watch Beyond before the season finale!

  1. Because, why not?
  2. Holden is an adorable and totally relatable character.
  3. Strange things are afoot and you’ll discover a different person is keeping secrets in EVERY episode.
  4. Strong female characters that kick butt!
  5. There’s lots of action including, drugs, guns, fighting, kissing, and more!
  6. So many good conspiracy theories.

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