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I keep hoping for a light-hearted end to Nikita. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

High-Value Target is probably the more… light-hearted of episodes. It’s nice to know that after all of these seasons, I can still freak out just as badly as I did when I was first watching this show. So Amanda pretty much played everyone. She played Sam/Owen, by having him deliver a message to a German with a quote from Nietzsche, which basically triggered her own rescue since Sam’s been keeping her locked up on the bed while he approaches several rival countries about auctioning off the black box.

Among the countries, Alex joins in under her cover of Alexandra Udinov, and joins Turkey. Despite their entering in on the mixup, it doesn’t work. They are not aware that the germans are winning over the Black Box until it happens, and they make off with it. Since originally Germany was never a high player, the team is confused, but when coupled with Amanda’s escape, they surmise that she’s behind the plan all along.

Meanwhile, the team works on shaky ground as a Seal team breaks into Division and comes to shut the entire place down by cleaning it out. They are under the president’s orders, especially after the massive exodus of agents last episode. Birkhoff, Sonya, Cyrus, and Fletcher work under gunpoint to help Nikita, Alex, and Michael make their way through the bid. When they find Sam, he manages to escape, beating up Michael.

However, it is Alex who gets through to him, making him see the light. After meeting up with him, Sam is surprised but speaks to her snarkily about her and Sean, to which she asks him about Emily. His expression changes instantly and me off handedly mentions that Emily was a part of Owen’s life, and so she asks how long it took Owen to get over Emily. He pauses and states that it took a long time. Only then does he realize that her questions are directing him back to Sean, and he pieces it together that Sean must have died.

This seems to soften Sam a little. When Nikita and Michael chase Amanda out to follow her, she is with the Germans. She manages to escape, her backup holding Nikita and Michael down in a rain of bullets, but she is thwarted by Sam. He kills the driver and Amanda manages to commandeer the car out of there. The driver is left on the ground, with the Black Box in his jacket pocket. He lets the man die before taking the Black Box and shooting it.

This effectively saves what’s left of Division. Since with Amanda gone and the Black Boxes gone, it meant there was no more need for Division. Upon getting proof of the destruction of the Black Box, Nikita sends it to Birkhoff who sends it to the President via spam bot, and all is saved as she calls off the Seals team. They return back happily knowing that they’ve done their job well and the President has signed their waivers, freedom from Division.

Too bad, they link Amanda’s saviors to The Shop. Which only leads Nikita on to a witch hunt. You’re playing right into their hands, Nikita.

This episode basically said, no more Mr Nice-Guy, and decided to make me even more hopeless. After finding out about the Shop and almost getting killed, Nikita decides to go on a mission to find out what is going on and to find out how to end it once and for all. Except that they just find out the Shop is a multi-national killing machine. Yeah… great, awesome. But they don’t find that out until the end of the episode, so Nikita decides to go on “one last mission” to help save a Nobel Peace Prize winner named Maryam Hasan, who has been trying to uncover the child abductions.

Although no one wants to continue going on missions, they go along with Nikita. They manage to save Hasan, though she is stabbed non-fataly by an associate of the Shop, who Nikita later kills. They are able to use Alex as a cover with her Alexandra Udinov cover, again, and befriend Hasan in order to keep her safe. During this time Hasan offers Alex the position as an United Nations envoy, noting that her particular childhood and experience would be helpful. This is an attractive deal to Alex, who is really the only one who has anywhere to go after Division.

Meanwhile, with Hasan saved, the team is ready for it all to be over, but Nikita calls in one more mission. The associate she kills has a phone that allows them to tap into the secret satellite that the Shop owns. She declares the mission is not over until they find Amanda, and now everyone is worried. But they continue to follow her. Eventually they find a Shop location, and infiltrate it to find a scientist experimenting on a human, who literally dies in front of them.

Nikita and Michael get him and bring him back, and they find out that he’s engineering a new brand of kill chip that is embedded into the blood stream. It can kill people anywhere, without a surgery. Shocked at this, Nikita decides to split the team up. Michael and Alex to save Hasan, since being stabbed introduced the toxins for the kill chip into her body and they must administer an antidote, and Nikita to track down Amanda and finish things up once and for all. However when she reaches Amanda, she is pulled offline and Birkhoff is unable to track or hear her. She then learns some horrible news.

Michael as the nanobot kill chips inside of him. He received them when he got his new arm.  Now, he will die, unless Nikita does something for Amanda, or rather the Shop, first. She must kill the President of the United States. Yup. They went there. Realizing her life is over, that she can not lose Michael and if she kills the President she will never be able to go back from that, Nikita breaks down. Amanda takes that moment to insert an inner ear chip that will allow her to hear anything and everything, so that she can not inform anyone of what has happened.

Returning back to Division, she goes to Michael and asks him to marry her. Slowly realizing she has to cherish what she has until she must do what Amanda wants.

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