Synopsis of 03×05:  The crew of the Raza track a data file across the galaxy in an attempt to strike a blow against Ferrous, and save the life of a young woman. 

Adrian uses the Raza’s subspace transmitter to contact Tabor’s safe house on Cassier 4 and discovers Tabor’s girlfriend, Ambrosia, is being held hostage by a man named Goran in exchange for a data file that Tabor has hidden away. Adrian convinces Goran that he will meet him alone and give him the data file.  

Solara (my new fav) connects with Five by teaching her to fight. Five drops Solara to the ground and confesses that Six had taught her a thing or two. Solara is impressed and volunteers to pick up where Six left off with her training. Solara reveals how she learned to fight at a monastery and how she broke her vow of nonviolence when she murdered the bandits who killed everyone in the monastery.

Adrian asks the Raza crew to help him steal the data file from Tabor’s belongings in order to save Ambrosia. Two suspects the data file might be connected to Ferrous Corp so she agrees to help Adrian save Ambrosia but only if he’ll turnover the data file to the Raza crew. Adrian agrees, and they set out on a journey across the galaxy to find it.

Back on Zairon things aren’t going well for Emperor Ryo; he’s losing the war at the front, one of his general’s has been confirmed dead; territory is at risk and there’s a mining strike. Teku encourages Ryo to try win the people over, to rule by love instead of by fear. But Ryo isn’t willing to make that sacrifice just yet. Misaki on the other hand thinks Ryo should rule by fear; Ryo remains undecided. 

The Raza travels to Regulus 12 to retrieve the data file but find it’s been destroyed. Adrian claims Tabor kept back-ups of everything, including the data file. Things are never easy with Adrian! He sends the crew to a vault controlled by Ferrous Corp. Adrian and Five set off to retrieve the data file. Once they are on the station they learn that Tabor owed a debt and the guards are willing to forgive it if Adrian gives up the Raza crew. 

Adrian refuses to give up the Raza (way to go!) so he and Five end up locked up as they wait for the GA to show up. Thanks to Android’s upgrade, she manages to go undercover as a Southern belle kicking butt while dressed in pink from head to toe. Android frees Adrian and Five; they unlock Tabor’s vault to find it’s empty. Another dead-end!

Just kidding, Adrian thinks Tabor might’ve taken the data file to a secret safe house that was supposed to be hidden from everyone, but not Adrian. Two is eager to find the data file too so the Raza crew arrives at the hidden safe house only to be trapped by a force field and a security android. But, once again Android saves the day by going undercover as a human again!

There’s a moment when Android interacts with the security android and tempts it with the upgrade in exchange for releasing the crew (very Matrix feel). Before the android can answer, Three stuns it and the force field drops. Thankfully they found the data file and take the Marauder back to the Raza to discover the file is encrypted and unreadable. So Five and Android get to work on trying to crack the encryption while Adrian sets up the meeting with Goran. 

Meanwhile, Ryo congratulates the newest military graduates on Zairon. Misaki stops one graduate from trying to kill Ryo with a poison needle. Ryo demands to know who sent the assassin and learns that it was one of his brother’s friends he went to school with. Teku urges Ryo to win the people over again and this time he listens. 

Adrian meets Goran on Cassiar 4 to make the trade to save Ambrosia. The tables quickly turn when Ambrosia shoots Goran in the head, takes the data file, and turns on Adrian. Amazingly, Solara, Two, and Three save Adrian; Ambrosia takes off and they follow. Adrian still asks them not to kill Ambrosia (clearly he loves her); he takes the decryption program from her and the crew heads back to the Marauder leaving Ambrosia unharmed and weaponless. 

Back on the Raza, they decrypt the data file and retrieve coordinates that leads to an empty Ferrous shipyard. We finally see Six again via video chat as he talks with Five. The episode ends with Ferrous Corp Commander Neiman staring at a picture of Six and stating it’s time to use agent zero. 

Could Six be in danger? What is the Ferrous Corp up to now?

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