Sleepy Hollow: Deliverance (2×07)

Synopsis: Katrina, after being poisoned by Henry, faces a dire situation. Ichabod and Abbie race to save Katrina’s life and prevent Moloch from entering the human world.

Rating: ?????

This week on Sleepy Hollow, we get a look at the tumultuous relationship between Ichabod and Katrina. Marital bonds are stretched and loyalties are tested as Abbie and Ichabod get a taste of how far Henry is willing to go to get what he wants.

Katrina, after swallowing the spider (well the spider more or less crawled into her open mouth), experiences a series of traumatic dreams and is struck down with a sudden illness. Henry arrives soon after with some men and a doctor he claims are there to help care for her. Henry once more uses Moloch as an excuse for his presence, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Henry’s idea. Henry claims Moloch has a new purpose for Katrina, despite Abraham’s genuinely sincere protests. Abraham’s unquestionable loyalty to Katrina is something to be admired and I for one, no longer view him as the evil villain he once was. He is but a man lost in love. Henry formidably seizes Katrina, but Abraham is hot on his tail, desperate to save Katrina. Abraham is able to provide a brief distraction, allowing Katrina to escape through the woods and into town where she then collapses on a busy street.

Ichabod's futile attempts at campaigning at the polling place. [FOX]
Ichabod’s futile attempts at campaigning at the polling place. [FOX]
Downtown in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie takes Ichabod to the local polling center where she intends to express her right to vote as a woman. Ichabod attempts to campaign for certain parties, but soon learns this is illegal at polling centers and is appalled. Apparently George Washington gave men a pint of beer at the polling centers in his time while campaigning.

While leaving the polling center, Abbie and Ichabod are informed of Katrina’s predicament and rush to the hospital where she was admitted. It seems the poison is spreading, leaving Katrina feverish and delirious, but she manages to share with Ichabod and Abbie what she believes Henry has done. Ichabod manages to smuggle Katrina out while Abbie puts her skills to use by trailing Henry’s henchmen, who were also visiting the hospital looking for Katrina.

Ichabod, once more calling on his extensive knowledge of the past, deduces that the men Henry brought to attend to Katrina were members of the Hellfire Club, a secret organization of occult evil scientists. And if they thought demons and monsters were enough to deal with; now Ichabod and Abbie must contend with evil human cult members. During this time, Ichabod also learns that Katrina was able to talk to Abraham and see his “head” the entire time. He continues to wonder what else Katrina is keeping from him, but can’t deny the unconditional love he shares with Katrina. Ichabod is delusional if he thinks that after the war they will be able to build a life together, provided that they are both are still alive.

Meanwhile, Abbie has trailed Henry’s evil goons to a warehouse where she finds them in possession of a strange tablet. Not an electronic one, but more of a biblical stone tablet with ancient writing sort of thing. The three discover that it seems Katrina’s clinical signs are consistent with signs of inception, but inception of what? As much as we would like to see a gorgeous little baby Crane, sadly in this case, Katrina is expected to deliver a demonic vessel within 10-12 hours. Now that cannot be fun.

Adding more doubt to the growing pile, Ichabod begins to speculate over whether http://humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/cialis Katrina has been faithful to him and whether she may strayed to Abraham, considering the presence of said baby. But she soon dismisses these rumors, claiming Henry must have poisoned her with the Jinken instead.

Before they can dwell any further on Katrina’s unfortunate demonic baby, they are pursued by Henry’s goons from the Hellfire Club. They escape to St. Henry’s Church in the woods, which has long been abandoned since Henry and Katrina had last been there.

Katrina still clings to the idea that Henry must still care and that there is still a part of him that remains human. She believes Henry only follows Moloch because there was no family for him to seek solace in when he needed it. This entire episode seemed like a serial of the Maury show, where Katrina and Ichabod begin to work out their marital differences and debate whether there is good left in their rebellious adult son. Abbie unfortunately is forced to witness their trials and in some instances play the role of Maury, mediating their bouts and providing common sense where it is lacking. Ichabod decides to face his son and attempt to reach out to his humanity. He uses Irving at Tarrytown to lure Henry to visit him. For the first time, it seems Ichabod might actually be reaching Henry, but hopes are soon crushed when Henry, filled with Moloch’s evil, claims joy in the idea of killing his mother.

Ichabod would like to "internet" now. [FOX]
Ichabod would like to “internet” now. [FOX]
Back at the church, Katrina is plagued with stomach pains, which Abbie believes are being caused by the demon called the “Horrid King” within her belly. This demon causes her belly to grotesquely extend rapidly. They later discover that Katrina is none other than the vessel chosen to carry Moloch himself as he seeks to regain entrance to the human world. That doesn’t sound very good.

Ichabod returns to Katrina and Abbie having gotten nowhere with Henry. The two, using photos taken by Abbie from the Hellfire Club’s warehouse, discover that the tablet might actually be the answer to their problem. The stone exhibits signs of a mini aurora borealis, which was apparently theorized to be capable of banishing demons from earth. The stone was a sort of prison that harnessed the aurora borealis to capture demons.

Leaving Katrina behind, Abbie and Ichabod seek the help of Sheriff Reyes where they rope her in on what is really going on in Sleepy Hollow. Granted, they leave out most of the details about the demonic war, and only reveal details about the Hellfire Club’s presence in Sleepy Hollow, but it is enough to interest Reyes. With the full beck of the police task force at their side, Abbie and Ichabod take on the warehouse. They manage to obtain the tablet and race back to Katrina where Ichabod uses the jewel prison hidden within the tablet to banish the demon by exposing it to light. Crane resuscitates Katrina after she stops breathing and the two share a poignant kiss as Abbie awkwardly looks on. Even after it all, after touching Henry, Ichabod was able to sneak a peak inside Henry’s mind and see a memory of a lost boy crying for help. Ichabod stills believes deep inside that Henry is still that young boy.

Sadly, there were no signs of Jenny or Hawley during this episode, but it looks like Hawley will land himself in the middle of a sticky situation next week when a deadly seductress comes looking for some killer romance. We all knew it was only a matter of time until Sleepy Hollow brought us a terrifying succubus.


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