* Late for Finals Recap

Season finale of Bones! I have to say, I love this show, but it’s pissing me off. Like, I can normally take whatever it throws at me, but Pelant’s storyline is pissing me off to no end. Not because of it’s length, but more of the general concept. How is he doing any of this? Apparently master hacker means god mod of the world. Because he apparently has cctv cameras set up across the DC area.

Anyways, so the episode starts with a body. Things are awry with it. They find the corpse seated at a bench with about 13 bullets in the body. Without much rhyme or reason, other than initial shots, everyone pretty much determines it’s Pelant. My problem with this is, why haven’t they been looking for him? Like if they were, they should have been mentioning it through out the seasons. Instead suddenly we’re presented with this mastermind again, who is apparently also a surgeon because he’s able to fix up his face and get a new eye in the process.

Of course, it ends up actually being Pelant, not just a mentioning of this man. And of course, he’s got all this high end technology and all of this tech and I’m wondering, even with these gadgets, how he’s able to do some of the things he does. I mean I guess I’m just speculative, but I do not believe he can do all of the things he does as easily. Or maybe I just hate his smug face. Anyways he causes massive roadblocks, fakes his face and makes himself look like someone else, and also manages to ruin what I’ve been waiting the past 8 seasons for.

Which would be Booth and Brennan getting married.

Yup. It was going to happen. She proposed to him, of course he said yes, and then they kissed and hugged and she gave him some jerky. Not that kind of jerky. Beef Jerky. The food. Anyways, Bones’ whole thing has been about the fear of marriage and the unnecessary need of marriage. She is committed to Booth and Christine and that’s all that matters to her. Except now she’s ready to marry him and he accepts!

But he only accepts in order to reject later on when Pelant calls him telling him to stop his marriage or else he will hurt the people he loves. Booth has no choice but to comply, and also he must promise not to tell Bones about it. It’s the most heartbreaking moment watching Bones tell Booth that it’s not oing to happen. Personally I though her proposing and getting ready for marriage was so cute, I was very unhappy with Pelant’s smug face as he tore them apart.

Yup, Hodgins should have killed y0u. Bones and Booth and the Jeffersonian team will be back this fall for Season 9 of Bones, and we’ll hopefully wrap up this Pelant thing by this time next year.


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