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So I love Warehouse 13. I never sobbed so hard in my life when Jinks died, coupled with the Track and Field cover of Running Up That Hill, I was pretty much a hot mess. So, when the mid-season break was finally over, I rejoiced! Is it a hokey campy show? Yes. But does it also have heart and weight to it? Also yes. I love the concept, and I enjoy how heavily they develop their characters (yes, that old bit again), also I love the Ashmore twins.

Anyways, given that I love this show so much, there was nothing really lacking in the Mid Season premiere. I mean if anything I was super happy to see James Marsters again! Also apparently Wikipedia informs me that it has been out since April 16th online, so I’m even more late on my reviews.

So quick recap, Artie got his hands on the evil Blue Chinese Orchid that basically causes a worldwide deadly pandemic, because he was going evil. The team has only a limited amount of time before the first deaths start to occur and they must search for something that will bring the flower back to life, therein taking back all the sickness. Claudia and Jinks go into Artie’s mind to try and pull him out of the coma that Claudia put him into when she stabbed him with the Borgia dagger.

So Pete and Myka track down that there is, in fact, an artifact that can bring things back to life, it is the ring of the Count of St. Germain, who was a courtier for Marie Antoinette (double yay! I love Marie!). There happens to be a professor at Columbia University who is an expert on the man, which is perfect for them, and so they go to visit him. Cut to James Marsters lying passed out drunk on his desk covered in papers. Professor Sutton, as he is known. After a little prying he finds out what they want, and tells them that he knows of the ring’s location, but it won’t do them any good. It is deep in the Catacombs of Paris, which I can tell you from my trip to Paris, is not a place you want to be jumping into on your foray into the city of lights. Good for Myka and Pete, there is a map in the Warehouse that directs the reader, but it needs a legend. Oddly the Professor knows of such legend, and seems to own it, so he propositions that he goes with them.

Arriving in Paris, Myka realizes that they aren’t going to his home to pick up the legend, but someone else’s. They break in, and before they can escape with the legend, the owner comes home. A woman; Charlotte Dupres. She points a gun at all of them, but they manage to get the upper hand. Myka has also come to a surprising discovery. Sutton is not who he says he is, he is actually the Count of St. Germain. I know. Crazy. Given that we’ve already met H.G. Wells via time jumping, immortality is not even shocking to me. The Count has the legend and they are able to make their ways through the Catacombs without being lost.

When they arrive at Marie’s tomb, Myka and Pete go for the ring. Behind their backs the Count grabs the infamous diamond that Marie wore on her necklace, triggering a booby trap. Taking a dart for Myka, he is hit with poison and appears to be dying. Staying with him for his last breaths the two leave with the ring in hand to revive the orchid. Charlotte has tracked them down to the Catacombs, missing Myka and Pete, but also missing the Count. It seems the Count is not only immortal but invincible to poisonous darts.

Meanwhile, Jinks and Claudia venture into Artie’s mind with the use of Sigmund Freud’s desk clock and the help of Jane Lattimer. They go into his mind and it’s structure is built to look like the Warehouse. It seems like the Warehouse is shutting down, like Artie is shutting down. Along the way they encounter several versions of Artie’s subconscious trying to oust the two of them, like Dr. Vanessa Calder and James MacPherson. Ultimately Jinks sacrifices himself (Noooo!) and wakes up in the real world, leaving Claudia alone in Artie’s mind to figure out what’s going on. She reaches the office of Artie’s mind Warehouse and enters only to see that Artie is not being held against his will.

He wants it to end.

Lamenting his murder of Leena, he does not want to survive past this. He wants to die. Too bad Claudia’s not going to stand for it. She forces him back from his coma, making him deal with some pretty grim real life stuff. Especially since he can’t come to terms with the fact that he basically killed Leena in cold blood. But Claudia also stabbed him with a dagger, so he can bond with her over it.

In the end, Myka and Pete end up reviving the flower and thereby curing everyone. Yay! But now they have to worry about the existential crisis of their coworkers and the 500-year-old jewel thief running around Paris. Hopefully this isn’t the last we see of the Count or James Marsters!

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