Ubisoft released an awesome trailer this morning for their new upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, Black Flag. In it, we see some new things along with some old. Let’s break it down.

It seems like the new game is visually a composite of everything we know so well to be pirate lore. There’s a few shots of the caribbean which reminds us of Pirates of the Caribbean, with it’s swaying palm trees and almost neon colors. There’s shots of ruins covered in moss and vines, reminiscent of Uncharted. The port towns and their construction seem to have strong influence from Assassin’s Creed Liberation. Plus there are some shots of a pirate we all have grown up with, Blackbeard. Or at least one interpretation of it. I doubt it’s Ian McShane’s version.

HAHAHA! I'm red faced, angry, and surly! I'm also Ian McShane!
HAHAHA! I’m red faced, angry, and surly! I’m also Ian McShane!

The year is 1715, and if you couldn’t tell already, the main assassin we’re focusing on in this story is Connor Kenway’s paternal grandfather, Edward Kenway. Personally the trailer itself seemed a little gimmicky, with the announcer’s too-serious voice making it seem like a childhood adventure rather than a pile of swashbuckling assassin fun. While the trailer does show some gameplay, I would have liked to see a little bit about the actual ship gameplay. Much of it is cinematic, which is understandable, but I had some serious problems with the ship combat system in AC3, so hopefully they fixed it up. As far as the combat, we’ll see if it’s all that this trailer has chocked it up to be, but most of the time cinematic cut scenes are more visually impressive than the actual fighting is, unless its Batman, then it’s equally as awesome.

Anyways, I’m freaking out and excited for every inch of this. As much as I want to pre-order for the single player mission, the unlocked black flag ship, and the signed poster, I’m probably going to wait for Comic Con like I did last year and see where it takes me. Still though, very excited. Maybe there’ll be mermaids?

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