So, Revolution is finally back after like four months.

It picks up exactly where it left off with Monroe helicopters shooting at Miles, Charlie, and the gang. They duck into an old convenience store or something and then whoever is flying the helicopter sends some explosives right into it and it pretty much explodes. Luckily, Miles is smart enough to have them hide in a walk in fridge so they don’t, you know, die.  Monroe isn’t too happy about it, though. He’s not happy about any of it. Well, he’s happy about having power and the fact that it means he can basically take over the entire country so he has that going for him.

The team sneaks out of the city in a morgue wagon and then has a very loving, touching reunion once they make it out of there. I don’t really know where they are going but their little happy fellowship wandering is interrupted by a helicopter on it’s way to a rebel camp. Which is absolutely decimates, by the way. Because it’s a freakin’ helicopter in a world where nothing works any more.

Rachel and Miles decide to go off and do whatever they need to do in order to stop Monroe. The two of them had a thing going and Miles tells her that he never would have left her if he didn’t think she was dead. He regrets it. And he’s sort of rocked to his core right now. At least he accepts responsibility for everything.

They find an old friend name John whose a really nervous science guy whose in on the whole necklace thing. She needs his help to make things right and take away Monroe’s advantage. We find out that he’s got all kinds of missiles and what not that they can use against the helicopters. Unfortunately we also find out that he’s in with Randall so they basically walked into a trap. Great. Great job, Rachel. We do get to see Grace again, though.

Meanwhile Miles’s rebel bad ass girlfriend,  Nora, and Charlie go to find the rest of the rebels. Or whose left at least. There isn’t a whole lot though they do hook up with another group. The problem is that Neville knows where they are, too.

Jason and his father have a disagreement about how the rebels were taken out. He really has a conscience – something his father has long since lost. He doesn’t like massacring innocent women and children.  But his father has no problem with that. Nor does he have a problem torturing teenagers to get information on the rebels. They followed the rebel kid’s intel to the remaining rebels where Neville is all kinds of ready to call in an airstrike and take out the rebels and their families. But his son isn’t so willing to do that. Part of it is Charlie. The rest of it is that he really doesn’t agree with this old form of war. He refuses to be a part of it. So his father and him get into a tussle and there is name calling and such. Fist fly. Jason gets his ass handed to him by his dad and then his father basically disowns him right there.

Seriously, dude. You claim you do everything you do to protect your family and what not but you basically do everything you can to drive them away.

He goes to warn Charlie but she doesn’t let him come with her. Jason tries to tell her that he has no where else to go but she doesn’t care. Neville goes back to Monroe and actually tells him that Jason is dead. Then he calls in the airstrike. Monroe seems to have a moment where he asks if Miles is there and you can’t really tell if he doesn’t want to kill him or what. But it seems like he really does want to kill him because, you know. He told Neville to kill him earlier so. C’mon, Monroe. Stick to your convictions.

Back in John’s basement Miles is able to over power him and they escape.

Everyone seems to believe they are on their way back and that Rachel and Miles will save them but hey. There should be a contingency, right? Because so far they are nowhere to be seen. Charlie tries to get Danny to hide inside while she and the others fight because she just went through all this shit to get him back. It’s not an unreasonable request. But Danny has to be all, “I’m a man now. I have to fight back for Dad and Maggie and myself and shit.” The helicopter shows up and Rachel and Miles are nowhere to be seen at first. But they come in to save the day. Sorta. Miles tries to blow up the helicopter with a bazooka but nearly gets blown up because the helicopter pilot sees him. So Danny gets up, grabs the bazooka. To his credit, he shoots down the helicopter.

And then he gets shot himself as it’s going down.

C’mon. We ALL saw this coming the second he refused to go hide inside. Also, they kept teasing that someone was going to die in the season return. We knew it wasn’t going to be Charlie and we knew it wasn’t going to be Miles. Of the “major” players in the show that are expendible? It was either Danny or Aaron (Google Guy). And Google Guy is smart enough to hide without having to be told.

Rachel, of course, blames herself for Danny’s death. She had seen her kids for the first time in eight years she spent – what – a week with him before she let him go off to join the rebels and die. Good job, Rachel. I kind of blame, you, too. Of course Charlie turns her brother into a martyr and uses his death to justify joining the rebels for real and killing off Monroe. At least it’s like a way for her and Rachel to bond? I guess? I don’t know.

Of course, Monroe has to get his own leg up. Randall and John for whatever reason go team up with Monroe because we need more people with more technology joining Monroe’s team.

And the end of the episode takes a creepy turn when we watch Rachel cut some flashing chip or something out of Danny’s body. It’s probably related to this flashback they had earlier in the episode where Danny went into surgery for something. But whatever. It was creepy. Rachel just is a very hardened person. Monroe should be afraid. Very afraid.

Anyway, next week promises to give up some secrets about why the power went out in the first place.

But still. Am I the only one pissed off about Danny? Seriously, though. If they had just killed in in season one we wouldn’t have had to deal with any of this, Monroe wouldn’t have had him to hold over Rachel to make her make the amplifier, etc. The whole damn show was about finding Danny. It’s not shocking that they killed him off. It’s just stupid. Especially because Danny? Way more likable of a character than Charlie. She’s inconsistent and boring as a main character. At least having Danny around might have made her more relateable and maybe helped her develop a real personality.

Not counting on that, though. Really, I just watch this show for Miles.

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