This week on TVD, Lexi returns! Not really, but Arielle Kebbel does make a reappearance as Lexi in the late 1970’s, trying to help out Damon while he goes on a bender in New York.

As the episode starts, a pan over Manhattan reminds me more of Gossip Girl than the gloom of TVD, but as we move in on Damon and Elena walking down the street we’re reminded of why they are there. With Elena’s humanity flipped off, she’s free to feed on all of the victims without guilt. A city filled to the brim with people can warrant a few missing bodies, more so than the hyper supernatural sensitive Mystic Falls. Speaking of which, has anyone ever actually seen a waterfall in Mystic Falls? Because one would assume from the name that there is one.

Anyways, Damon has more than Elena’s new vampirism to worry about in New York, as Rebekah shows her face revealing what Damon really wants: to find the location of Katherine. We also learn that no one suffered as badly from turning off their humanity as Stefan, since neither Damon nor Elena have gone on killing sprees like Stefan did. After a new haircut and a new look, Damon leads Elena back to Billy’s, the bar where he spent his wild emotionless youth looking like Sid Vicious and killing women who looked like Katherine for their IDs. It’s a little obvious to the viewer that as Damon gives the ids to Billy that these are for a 5’7″ brunette female vampire by the name of Katherine Pierce. Having left Mystic Falls behind him after Katherine broke his heart, Damon is glad to do the dirty work for Billy and kill whoever he needs for his little fraudulent identity theft job.

In comes Lexi, sent by Stefan, to fix him up. Lexi was one of my favorite characters, so I was very happy to see her return this episode. Living as a moral compass for Stefan, she is back to party with Damon and set him on the right path. Too bad the elder Salvatore is not as easily reeled back in.

Meanwhile, Rebekah’s appearance in Manhattan just adds to the problems that Damon has to keep track of, as she and Elena ban together in hopes of finding the cure. We learn that Damon got the upper hand on Lexi in the 70’s. Seducing her into bed with a false confession of love and leaving her to fry on the rooftop in the morning as payback for her trying to change him. This is hilarious since that’s exactly what Elena does. Bekah shows up as Elena fails to get Katherine’s address from Damon, snaps Damon’s neck and takes the address as the two girls head off in the direction of a certain doppelganger. I haven’t been a huge fan of Elena’s humanity-less self, but she does seem to have her logic down, so at least I was able to tolerate her in this episode.

Back in Mystic Falls, we’re dealing with the same problem that has been going all season, Silas. Klaus, Caroline, and Stefan work together to figure out the next step of Silas’s massacre plan. Bonnie, having to be revealed to still be under Silas’s tricks, is told that she must gather a coven or 12 witches together, and massacre them, as the last step in the triangle of killings.

Bonnie manages to gather the witches together, under the guise that she wishes to strip herself of the evil powers that she’s obtained, plans to kill them. Once linked together, the death of one witch in the coven kills them all. Stefan rushes to warn the witches, only to get forced away by the head of the coven who must now kill Bonnie. Caroline realizes this, and in a moment of weakness, runs in and stabs the witch, simultaneously completing the massacre. This is perfect for Silas, who now only needs the cure to complete the ceremony. There are some horrible moments between Klaus and Caroline, in which Klaus reveals that cold part of him that is so selfish he is has no problem throwing Caroline’s guilt back on herself.

Next week, we have the facedown that I’ve been waiting for: Katherine and Elena. Along with some Elijah, and more Klaus and Caroline being angry at each other.

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