An on-set party for Cult fans goes horribly wrong. Shocking, I know.

After getting a lead on a fan named Dustin, who appears in a photograph with Nate that’s posted on Nate’s Cult wall, Jeff accompanies Skye to the Cult bash of the year. Select fans who were able to afford tickets and get themselves to LA were invited to party – in costume – with the stars of their favorite show.

Yes, “in costume” means that Jeff donned the classic Billy getup, while Skye chose Kelly’s white dress from her initiation into Billy’s family. The pair waded through a sea of other Billys and Kellys looking for Dustin, who is in attendance with a group of True Believers who are all dressed like Billy.

The True Believers are there on a job, but Dustin’s a bit of a rascal and decides to have some fun with Cult brand drugs that look just like the dissolving strips Billy has during Kelly’s initiation. These drugs make it into the party drinks, and Skye downs one under the pressure of one of her coworkers (just say no, guys, seriously). A woozy Skye ends up in the spotlight with Jeff as the party’s DJ conducts a kiss-cam style search for the best Billy and Kelly in the crowd to reenact the Billy/Kelly kiss from the show. With all the teasing Skye was getting from her coworkers about Jeff-the-mystery-man, it was just a matter of time before they were going to be put in a smoochy situation. Skye’s coworker Peter sulked jealously in the shadows.

Dustin gets busted by Sakelik for handing out the drugs, but she’s there as part of “job” they’re working too. Turns out, the True Believers aren’t the bad guys tonight. Well, sort of.

While Roger arrives at the party with Kirstie on his arm and makes friends with a mysterious man named Stewart, Marti has the honors of showing one lucky fan around all the sets. Marti and the fan, Mike, end up on one of the sets that wasn’t prepped for the party, and suddenly, her bodyguard has vanished. Mike doesn’t really get that Marti isn’t actually Kelly and nearly kills her for her betrayal of Billy. Before Jeff can make it to the scene, the True Believers and Sakelik have apprehended Mike. Jeff gets pulled into their getaway van as well.

Sakelik drops Jeff off some distance away from the party and tells him they’re keeping him alive for a reason. That reason can be found at a website she writes on his hand: The web address takes him to a video of Nate tied to a chair, the current date confirmed by the showing of one of Jeff’s newly published articles in the newspaper. Nate tells Jeff that he has information for the True Believers, and in return for that information, they won’t harm Jeff. However, Jeff has to stop looking for him.

We’re left at a similar point to where we ended the last episode, with Jeff essentially saying, “Well, at least we know he’s still alive.” So will he stop looking, at Nate’s request. Doubtful. But how can he find his brother without getting both of them killed?

By the way, if you’re thinking of trying the website Sakelik writes on Jeff’s hand, it doesn’t exist. Apparently, 149 PCE is a license plate number used in the 1971 movie Duel, but I’m not seeing any significance in that fact. That being said, here’s your weekly reminder to share any clues you saw in the show in the comments below!

And tune in next week, when things get really trippy for Skye.

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