Synopsis of 03×12: When Liv consumes the brains of someone from Ravi’s past, not only does it have her wanting to sleep with every guy in Seattle, she also begins having intimate visions of Ravi. Meanwhile, Major is faced with a huge decision. 

Harley Johns is a zombie; he won’t accept that he’s a zombie and still hates zombies. Liv and Clive patiently wait for Major to show up. And when he does, he’s in full on Chaos Killer mode; he throws a brain pack to Harley to distract him and injects him with a substance that knocks him out. Then the three of them place Harley in the deep freezer, drill it shut, and lock him inside. 

Liv heads to the morgue to meet up with Ravi; she updates him on the status of Harley Johns. Then he breaks the news to her about the newspaper article. While he and Liv are discussing the article, Ravi’s former boss from the CDC, Katty walks in and yells at him for being a source in the article. Liv hides under the desk and overhears everything; she becomes upset with Ravi for talking to a reporter. Ravi claims he didn’t know he was talking to a reporter at the time. 

Major meets with Chase Graves over a brainy breakfast (he pretends to eat) and Chase reveals he knows Major is human. Chase thanks Major for his service and relives him of duty (bummer, I know). Major packs up his things and on his way out runs into his former team of mercenaries who thank him and thinks he’s a total badass. They mention throwing him a goodbye party and Major says he would like that and heads home. When he arrives home, he receives a message from Natalie. Turns out she took the cure and is human now. Major catches up with her in person and learns she’s moving to Italy. He volunteers to help her move her stuff into storage the following day. 

Peyton and Liv discuss the role Baracus may have played in the Dominatrix murder case. Liv tells Peyton she is not comfortable being on the front page of the newspaper and that she’s clearly identifiable. Peyton tells her she doesn’t look like the monster on the front page but Liv still isn’t convinced. 

The undercover reporter, Rachel, boldly visits Ravi and tries to apologize with coffee. But Ravi quickly discovers that she wasn’t really there for an apology, she wanted more answers to her questions. Ravi and Rachel argue while Liv walks into the room. Ravi clearly begins to panic and tries to get Rachel to leave considering she would be able to identify Liv as the zombie from the article. Surprisingly, Liv shocks us all when she appears on screen tanned and with a wig looking like her human self. Ravi and Liv dismiss Rachel when he gets called to a crime scene.

Liv and Ravi arrive at the scene to find Clive questioning dumpster divers. Clive spots Liv and tells her so this is what you look like; Liv hates tanning and wearing the itchy wig. Clive shows them the victims body and Ravi immediately identifies the vic as Katty, his former boss from the CDC. Ravi and Liv take the body back to the morgue for the autopsy and Liv’s meal.

Before Liv eats Katty’s brains, she asks Ravi if there’s anything she should know that’s weird. Ravi says no, just that she might be attracted to him. Clive arrives with Katty’s boss from the CDC and she informs them that Katty was interviewing passengers from a plane outbreak incident. Katty had a couple more she needed to interview. After she discloses this information she takes off and the team reviews the evidence from Katty’s hotel room. Katty took lots of notes on napkins from the hotel bar; one in particular stood out 17D. Clive asks Ravi to join Liv in interviewing the remaining passengers because of his background with the CDC. 

While interviewing the passengers Ravi drops something on the floor and bends down to get it. His actions set off Liv’s visions of him and Katty having sex. Distracted, Liv can’t stand to look at Ravi. They continue to interview the passengers but don’t turn up any leads and there’s still one mystery passenger they need to track down. 

Meanwhile, Baracus drops in on Peyton and discuss the zombie article and offers her a major job: Chief of Staff. She would be the youngest woman to have the job. But is Baracus offering the job to Peyton because he knows she’s great or is he trying to keep her close to watch her every move? She declines, but he tells her to think it about.

Liv finds herself visiting the hotel bar that Katty was obsessed with in hopes of getting a vision. She flirts with various guys at the bar and almost makes it back to their hotel room. Thankfully, she uses her will power and always leaves before anything happens. 

Back at the morgue Ravi and Liv avoid each other. Peyton visits and tells them Baracus just offered her to be his Chief of Staff. Liv thinks it might be a good idea because she can keep an eye on Baracus if he does turn out to have something to do with the dominatrix murder. And if he wasn’t involved, Peyton can help protect zombies. 

Liv visits the hotel bar again only to flee from another man again. She calls Justin over and asks him to define their relationship. Justin says they are exclusive and they make things official. Back at Major’s he’s exhausted from helping Natalie move her things into storage. He lies on the floor and she begins to give him a massage. Somehow, Major turns over and they begin kissing and one thing leads to another and they end up having sex. Natalie asks Major to move with her to Italy considering there’s nothing left for him in Seattle. This broke my heart because, Liv is in Seattle! Major says yes and that he’ll leave with her after his goodbye party. 

Two of Harley’s zombie truthers discover his body in the freezer and lie him on the couch. They are planning to give him a proper burial and vow to find his brothers. But they have another surprise waiting for them when Harley thaws and attacks them. 

Clive and Liv revisit the bar Katty frequented and everyone recognizes Liv. She pretends not to know any of them. The main bartender informs them that Katty went back to her hotel room with a different man every night. Clive suspects one of those men could have killed Katty. Back at the station he interviews the last passenger alone because Ravi was busy and Liv had to attend the goodbye party for Major with Justin. Clive discovers the passenger changed seats on the plane and might be the missing puzzle to solve the murder.

Liv never makes it to the party; she meets Chase at the bar. They drink and flirt with each other. She makes it back to his hotel room and this time she doesn’t run away, she goes inside and they have sex. Meanwhile, Major arrives at the party with Natalie. Major asks Justin if Liv is coming and he says yes. When hours go by and Liv still doesn’t show, Justin asks to speak to Major outside; he tells him about the other night with Liv and asks him if this is her normal behavior. Major says yes, but that she’ll show. 

Detective Cavanaugh delivers a fax to Clive that contains the mystery passenger’s information. Before Clive leaves to visit the witness, Cavanaugh inquires about Harley Johns. Clive claims he doesn’t know anything. Clive visits Tatum’s friend, Patrice, and discovers that her mother is Carey Gold – Baracus’s assistant and let’s not forget she works for Filmore Graves too! 

Liv is still with Chase and discovers a napkin with Katty’s name and room number on it while Chase is in the shower.

Back inside the house at the party for Major’s send off, a random guys shows up and is drinking all the beer. Some of the mercenaries walk over to talk to him when they discover it’s Harley Johns. Natalie is standing right next to Harley when he detonates the bomb.

This episode was by far the best of the season! I’m afraid for everyone because nobody is safe! Let me know your thoughts on this episode in the comments below!

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