Looks like we’ve got another Star Trek Into Darkness trailer. And this time it’s far less doom and gloom than it has been the norm pretty much from the moment we started getting info about the sequel. That makes me happy. Star Trek has always had it’s darker moments and it’s that intermixing of sarcastic wit, dry humor, and blantant comedic relief that has made the franchise work since the 1960s. I was getting a bit worried that Into Darkness might be too dark. But I should have known that JJ Abrams, Bones, and Scotty wouldn’t let that happen.

I’m also really glad to see that Christopher Pike is standing. He always seemed like such a fantastic character in the original series and I always felt bad that he spent so much time confined to a chair that only let him beep yes or no. I mean, c’mon. With all the technology they had then you’d think they could have done a bit more for him. Anyway. Pike and Kirk’s relationship has been one of the greatest additions to the Star Trek franchise, I think, and I’m glad to see we’re going to get more of that. Pike and Spock had a good run in the original series (and I sometimes wish that “The Cage” had been the real pilot and Pike had commanded the Enterprise) but Pike and Kirk have something great going on and I’m glad Abrams is going to build on that. I love cute little relationships and such like that. I do, however, have a bad feeling about it all and I worry that Pike’s days might be numbered. Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is running around taking out his anger on Starfleet and Earth in general. Who wants to start taking bets on whether or not Pike winds up as collateral damage? Losing the only father figure he has ever really had would probably do a number on Kirk and lead the film into an even darker place than we’ve seen so far.

All in all, the film continues to look more than promising. Kirk’s space diving looks like it will be pretty awesome and Uhura’s going to be bad ass which is always nice to see. No scenes with Alice Eve’s character, though, or any of the other newer additions to the cast and crew other than Benedict. But we don’t really have all that long before we finally get to see the final project. Just a little over two months now until May 17th!

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