It’s no secret that I loved the Amazing Spider-Man. Yeah, maybe at first I was a little skeptical. I’m a comic book fan. We’re always skeptical of film adaptations. But any doubts I may have had were completely and totally quashed within the first two seconds. I absolutely loved that movie. I got it on blu ray over Black Friday last year and it’s actually in my PS4 right now as I’m writing this. I tend to watch it fairly often because if you ask me the first film is kind of the perfect Spider-Man adaptation. (The Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is a close second.) I know there are some naysayers out there who say the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is making the same mistake that Spider-Man 3 made. I know some people are worried it’s cramming in a ton of villains and those people say we’re supposed to believe that’s the doomsday sign for any superhero film or whatever.

But you know what?

Every trailer I see makes me wonder what the hell those people are smoking. This movie looks amazing. And they aren’t just throwing in villains randomly. They have a plan, a solid plot, and the kind of direction some superhero movies could only hope to find. (If that leads to a Sinister Six movie later on that would be even more awesome. Just saying.) I am so excited to see Dane DeHaan’s Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin in action and every time I watch this trailer in particular I get goosebumps. I loved Dane DeHaan in Chronicle and him along side Jamie Foxx’s Electro is pretty much greatness just waiting to happen.

And can we take a moment to appreciate the little things in this trailer?

We got to see Rhino in battle – briefly – and in the scene where they were walking through that laboratory area? Doctor Octopus’ robotic arms are hanging up right there! Harry and Peter are going to be adorable BFFs for however many seconds pass between then skipping rocks and Harry looking into all that surveillance stuff on Peter. (Plus it looks like we’re going to get some more of Richard Parker in this one!) And I loved the way Gwen shouts “Peter!” and then covers her mouth immediately. I gasped when she said his name. I really did! That’s how important Spider-Man’s anonymity has always been and I thought that was a brilliant addition to the film.

Needless to say, I’m ridiculously excited for this. It’s going to be great.

Don’t just take my word for it. Watch the trailer yourself and bask in it’s glory. And then join me in waiting impatiently for May 2nd to get here already!

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  1. Personally, I completely disliked The Amazing Spider-Man, and I’ll tell you why: First of all, the title is deceptive; it leads you to believe you will be following the main story arch of the Amazing Spider-Man comics, where as, in reality, you are following Ultimate Spider-Man. Secondly, Peter Parker was not some semi-popular “loser” skater-“punk” (don’t get me wrong, I love punk music, and I love skateboarding, but that was not Peter Parker). He was a giant NERD. And there is NOTHING wrong with that, and yet, here it is; a hero that is supposed to be this huge science geek, but isn’t. He has hipster glasses, trendy clothes, and poofy hair. Another thing is that Gwen and Peter met in COLLEGE, not high school. Peter did not get bitten on the back of the neck, nor did he conveniently and easily stumble upon a web of scientifically modified spiders.

    That being said, though I hated how they portrayed Peter Parker, I was extremely pleased that they tackled Spider-Man’s snark in an awesome manner. That, they nailed. I also liked the casting for Aunt May and Uncle Ben (though the speech was no comparison to the previous Spider-Man movies). Now, down to the part that was the nail in the coffin for me; the Lizard had been sitting there, annnnnd sitting there for all those Spider-Man movies, but never used Connors, which always upset me, especially when they threw a ton of enemies in the third installment, but let’s not got there. They finally used him in the Amazing Spider-Man, with Rhys Ifans, whom I do like, but I was met with SEVERE disappointment. He ended up looking more like Killer Croc (from Batman), and the whole plot surrounding him was /meh/. Not to mention the method used to get to the Lizard on the roof–conveniently placed construction cranes. LAME.

    Let’s just say, I was thoroughly disappointed in the film… I am a huge Spider-Man lover, and so was my Dad, so seeing this, and having to say it was not up-to-snuff is a real bummer because I wanted to like it. The casting was pretty good, though, I do have my gripes about poof-boy’s hair, and Emma Stone’s rough voice and look in comparison to the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard who played Gwen Stacey in the other Spider-Man movies, and whom looked exactly as depicted in the comics, but that is neither here nor there… This is obviously just my opinion on the film, mixed in with some finickiness about origin story. Well, seeing as they are following Ultimate– that means Peter’s gonna kick it. Fun.

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