Despite it’s Monday worldwide release, the Assassin’s Creed IV trailer was leaked today by GameRadar and soon was being uploaded all over the net. The next installment to the game is a pirate assassin who goes by the name of Captain Edward Kenway. Personally, when I heard that this game’s protagonist was going to take on Haytham’s father in the next game, I was disappointed. I’ll play the game regardless, but if they wanted to diverge away from the Desmond storyline, playing Haytham’s father is not the best way.

The trailer shows a game that is full of swashbuckling fun, with a protagonist that reminds me of Jamie Lannister and Captain Jack Sparrow. Despite being a die hard fan of the game series, I recognize that Ubisoft is really milking the series. I would prefer that they have made the protagonist a female, since I personally believe that Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation was much of a funner game than the actual ACIII game on console.  Not to mention a little diversity would be fun. Frankly there are a lot of things I would have preferred as opposed to playing Edward, but I can’t deny that the trailer makes the idea of playing a pirate sound quite fun. Hopefully sailing a ship would be easier, since I found it to be a little/A LOT annoying during the game. I’m wondering how they’re going to mix this with the animus story, since if they do add it, the character will obviously be a distant cousin of Desmond. Or they could do it the way that Liberation did it, and take out the descendant all together. Anyways, enough of my babbling check out the trailer below before it’s taken down!


The game will be released October 29th and if you preorder now, it come with a limited edition poster by Todd McFarlane.

3 thoughts on “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Leaked Trailer!”

  1. definitely getting a huge Pirates of the Caribbean vibe from the trailer! and I am looking forward to seeing how this game is going to pan out. I’m hoping that they manage to spice up the ship battles a bit as I found them a bit tedious at the end of AC3!

      1. Aha fair enough! I’m definitely buying this regardless of whether or not they do though as, even though I didn’t enjoy them too much the rest of the game still shone for me! 🙂

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