The fact is that The CW can be really good at producing good television, and underrated shows, but also at some pretty bad shows. It was announced yesterday that their new freshman shows The OriginalsThe Tomorrow People, and Reign will be getting full seasons and that they have ordered the episodes. Great news for everyone involved in the show, but does that mean you should watch them?

I’m here to lay down some reasons why you should, and maybe some reasons why you might not want to watch these shows. Personally, I love all three of the shows. I literally grew up watching shows on The WB and when it became The CW, I continued to watch everything they came out with. So far this season, these three shows are showing quite a bit of promise.


The Originals

Why I Should Watch This: If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries, it’s pretty obvious you should at least give this show a shot. But if you are not only a TVD fan, but also a Klaus fan, or Elijah fan, or Rebekah fan, definitely watch at least the first three episodes. The backdoor pilot was a part of the last season of TVD and the show’s official pilot echoes much of what happens in that pilot, so you really need to watch a couple episodes before you decide whether you want this show to be a part of your repertoire or not.

Why I Should Pass On This: You’re not a TVD fan. Honestly they do a mildly good job on recapping who the Mikaelsons are, but not really enough for you to fully get the effect if you are walking in blind. The show is building on a lot of the fans from TVD and it’s doing fine. Klaus was easily a fan favorite, and the other siblings were not far behind. However, even fans of the show might find some pull away from this if they are there for the romantic entanglements that have been plaguing the show for the past five seasons. I can’t wait to be rid of the Stefan/Elena/Damon horror show, but I am also sad that this show separates Caroline and Klaus. 

tomorrow people

The Tomorrow People

Why I Should Watch This: It’s a great original sci-fi story, which The CW is good at. They are good at original content and adapted content. The show is humble, but it could easily get out of hand. That being said, the actors really make the show. Mark Pellegrino kills it as Jedikiah, but you have some broody, angsting younger stars to keep the story fresh. Stephen Amell’s younger brother Robbie stars as Stephen Jameson, and we get Luke Mitchell and Peyton List, along with a jokester Aaron Yoo. All of whom I have been waiting for to get their own show. Also can we talk about how The CW seems to hire from H2O: Just Add Water, first Claire Holt, then Phoebe Tonkin, now him. Oh, and the teleportation CGI is pretty awesome and contributes to some awesome fight scenes.

Why I Should Pass On This: It can be, admittedly, hokey at times. There is a lot of melodrama within the group of the Tomorrow People, and their powers are never really explained. Plus there seems to be an overarching plot that we never really get to in the episodes. There is a clear goal, but each episode feels like more build up, the show has yet to show off a really well woven story to really hook in their audience. Also is anyone else bothered by how casually everyone is like “they are human, we aren’t”?



Why I Should Watch This: I mean, other than my justification that it is utterly addicting, it’s got a target audience and it hits the target in the bull’s eye. Unlike the problem that The Tomorrow People have, this show has too much plot that makes ever episode feel like there is so much going on. Plots are contrived and destroyed within a span of 40 mins on screen. I’ve said it before, but people who like shows with young adults locked in trials of love and mystery are going to love this show. It’s easy to keep up with, and the only crime it commits is that it’s not actually historical.

Why I Should Pass On This: If you like history, I’m not going to say pass on this. Because I love history. I’ve got a minor in European history and I still enjoy this for its entertainment value. That being said, if you are a stickler for history, and if you hate shows that bastardize history for entertainment, don’t watch this show. Not only is the plot driving drunk on the road of history, but visually and aurally the show is off.

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