Blood & Gourd Issue #1: You’ll never see Pumpkin Spice the Same Way Again

Blood & Gourd Issue #1 Authors: Jenz Lund, D.H. Shultis Release Date: January 6, 2015 Publisher: Dead Peasant, LLC Source: Dead Peasant, LLC at Cherry City Comic Con Genre(s): Horror Spoilers: Mild Rating: ★★★★★ Facebook | Online Store Just when you thought the scariest thing at a pumpkin patch would be the haunted hay maze, Jenz Lund and D.H. […]

Kickstarter Watch: Other Worlds Fer Kidz is a Kickstarter and Act of Charity in One You know what’s better than a regular indie comic book Kickstarter? An indie comic book Kickstarter with a mind for charity. That’s just what Justin Zimmerman’s latest project is, and I’m proud to say I’ve already backed it. Other Worlds: Fer Kidz is slated to be an enchanting anthology with […]

The Broken Frontier Anthology: An Exclusive look Behind the Scenes with the Brains Behind the Anthology I had the privilege of sitting down with the two brains behind the up-and-coming Broken Frontier Anthology to get the latest scoop. While Kickstarter campaigns might be a dime a dozen, it is the people behind them that help them sink or swim. In this case, their Kickstarter is swimming with […]