You know what’s better than a regular indie comic book Kickstarter? An indie comic book Kickstarter with a mind for charity. That’s just what Justin Zimmerman’s latest project is, and I’m proud to say I’ve already backed it. Other Worlds: Fer Kidz is slated to be an enchanting anthology with three stories directed at not just children, but people of all ages hoping to add a little whimsy to their day. Written by Justin Zimmerman and brought to life through Mike Lawrence’s art, you’re really missing out if you hesitate to support this charitable Kickstarter.

Other Worlds: Fer Kidz is just that: comics geared toward kids. It is a play off of a previous work by Justin Zimmerman, titled simply Other Worlds. Other Worlds sought to bring readers a series of science fiction and horror comics meant to push the boundaries of their imagination and take them into, yup, you guessed it, Other Worlds. Just as its big brother managed to do through a Kickstarter campaign of its own, Other Worlds: Fer Kidz wants to once again bring a little of the unlikely and a tiny dose of the improbable, straight into the hands of kids.

There are three stories, as the video above describes. The first, a story about two children who break into a robot-run library to steal a new book. The second, a gorgeous fold-out done by Mark Lawrence with prose written on the back. Finally, the book ends with a story within a story, as a young boy tells a tall tale to his alien friends about space and adventure. Other Worlds: Fer Kidz really is for kids, and adults, and just about anyone who likes robots. You like robots, don’t you?

[Lazy Susan by Mike Lawrence; Property of Bricker-Down Productions]
[Lazy Susan by Mike Lawrence; Property of Bricker-Down Productions]
Perhaps the sweetest part of this deal, however, is that for every ten dollars raised, a copy of Other Worlds: Fer Kidz will be donated to a local Portland, Oregon food pantry. That means kids who are really in need will have a chance to dive into the magical world of comics free of charge. A donation of fifteen dollars to the campaign not only ensures that you will have a fresh, locally, and sustainably printed copy of the comic in your hand, but so will a local child who wouldn’t otherwise have had access to their very own copy. Your pledge isn’t a purchase, it is an investment in a child’s imagination.

If that isn’t enough incentive, then maybe all of the other neat swag included in your pledge will do the trick. Meet the stretch goals, and you’ll have more awesome swag than you’ll know what to do with. If you don’t do it for the children, do it for the swag. But really, you should probably do it for the kids because books and comics make a difference in kids’ lives. It gives them a break from the sometimes harsh reality that they face, and there are moments where that’s the best gift anyone can give.

You can make your pledge HERE, check out Justin Zimmerman’s other projects HERE, and take a look at the original Other Worlds Facebook page. Get in now and make a child’s day a little brighter.

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