The second annual Cherry City Comic Con in Salem, OR is underway today. If you’re in the area, I definitely encourage you to check it out. Coined “the little con that could” in my write-up of it last year, it has had a rocky path leading up to the second year. However, having found its way back into the spotlight I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store.

Entertainment Guests

I don’t envy the struggle of young conventions. I can’t imagine it is easy attracting the big names that cons like San Diego, New York, or even Emerald City and Rose City boast. Yet this year Cherry City Comic Con has managed to bring in Deep Roy (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), who I’m excited to see. They’ve also got Michael Jai White (Arrow) who has impressed audiences for years with his physique and martial art skills. There will be meet and greets available with these amazing actors as well as a number of others from various places in the realm of geek.

Comic Guests

One year ago today I met the amazing Brett Weldele at this particular con. I’ve seen him at almost every con I’ve gone to ever since.  He’s a phenomenal artist who actually calls Salem, OR home, and a great guy to talk to. If you ever see his signature distressed painting prints at a convention, go talk to him! Also, buy his stuff, because it will instantly increase your cool points.

The other guest I’m excited to meet is Randy Emberlin, an old school comic book artist who has been in the industry longer than I’ve been alive. He was the boasted guest at the first annual Cherry City Comic Con, and has come again to claim a table at this awesome, local event. He’s best known for years of work on The Amazing Spiderman and I hear he’s just an all around nice guy to meet.

Comic book guests will have booths at the con where guests can purchase a piece of their work and chit chat with them.

General Convention Fun

There’s bound to be a lot of crazy things to pop up at a small convention like this as fans from all over the area flock to be with their own kind. I’m looking forward to the cosplay scene, because I was absolutely blown away last year by how many people in town have amazing costumes at the ready. I’m also excited to check out the local vendors and see the breadth of creativity Salem has produced over the years.

Did I mention one of the cars from Jurassic Park is going to be there? I’m going to touch it.

Anyone else going to Cherry City Comic Con? Anything you’d like to see or hear? Be sure to tweet @nerdophiles during the weekend or comment here and we’ll do our best to answer questions and provide the coverage you’d like to see!

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